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Preliminary AAAPG 2016 Survey Results

December 23, 2016

Selected Early 2016 Survey Results These comments are from victims who answered the question:   Is there anything you could have done to prevent a guardianship? No, I did everything I could to get my father back. move out of this country No, I never heard of such a thing. Left the state before the so-called medical evaluation. No, I was advised by an attorney to apply for guardianship. Yes….would’ve let my mother and convicted felon boyfriend suit me in civil court No no. We [- more...]

Please take our 2016 Guardianship Survey–TODAY

December 15, 2016

Help us document 10,000 cases of fraudulent guardianships.  Dr. Sam Sugar, the founder of AAAPG, and I are working to elevate our story to the national conscience.  Although many of us are working very hard to stop this madness we need to be more effective if we are ever going to slow this epidemic in our lifetimes.  A couple months ago I volunteered to help Sam in this effort and he appointed me as Intake Director for AAAPG. We need numbers to legitimize our claims.  AAAPG currently has [- more...]

Why is this so hard for Senators and the GAO to understand?

December 5, 2016

The three stated goals of our organization are to educate, advocate and legislate. We have had some success particularly in educating the public. The number of articles and exposes about Guardianship abuse have increased dramatically as more and more writers, editors and film makers become educated about the Probate predation industry. Media exposure from investigative reporters in major markets have proliferated to the point where every week or two there is a series of articles in prestigious [- more...]


November 16, 2016

Based on the terms of a settlement agreement in the Matter of the Stern Guardianship or Stern Estate, I hereby retract any published statements made by myself on this website specifically regarding or mentioning Guardian Kathy Nettleton, Comprehensive Personal Care Services, Inc, and Attorney Liz Consuegra Messianu which might have been considered [- more...]

The Baseball Metaphor

May 30, 2016

Consider the odds Imagine there is a baseball game in which the winner gets to literally own the losers. The stakes would be immensely high. Then imagine that the home team had the following advantages: the game would be played on their home field the umpires would be employees of the home team the visiting team had to play without batting helmets, or any protective gear the strike and ball counts on batterers would be kept secret from them until after they were out the coaches for the visiting [- more...]

Guardianship Bill is signed into Law

March 11, 2016

Florida Reform Bill Signed in to Law From Nevada From Newsmax Bunny Garst Story There has been a spate of coverage around the country about our issue and the progress, albeit agonizingly slow, that is being made and helped by media exposure. On March 11th the signing into law of Senator Nancy Detert’s  SB232 reform bill in Florida will allow AAAPG to become an important participant in the framing of a new State Department that regulates For Profit Guardians and which could potentially [- more...]

Florida: The Judge & his guardian-wife’s financial picture

January 15, 2016

One in a series of articles from Florida’s Palm Beach Post, written by John Pacenti, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer, and produced by Kristyn Wellesley and Gurman Bhatia Related articles: Read Judge, wife benefit from frail seniors’ money, Part 1, here. Read Judge’s history of debt: Foreclosures, IRS liens, Part 2, here. Read Judge appears to routinely violate Florida Judicial Code of Conduct , Part 3, here. Read Attorney – ‘Courts have allowed this culture’, Part 4, here. Read Chief [- more...]

Subscriber Videos

January 8, 2016

Video from Teresa Maxwell   The first in a series of victim produced video testimonies here and on [- more...]
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