New Mexico: Turning the Law against the innocent

Turning a corrupt Judiciary against Citizens

The Desert State Life Management Scandal in New Mexico is an excellent example of how a judicial system charged with protecting the lives and assets of seniors has not only failed miserably to do so, but has used its authority and endless decision-making latitude to actually turn the law against the vulnerable innocent citizens of New Mexico.

As yet another example of the probate racket having completely overtaken any semblance of judicial propriety and justice in administrative probate courts, this latest probate scandal typifies the dangers innocent people face when they are subject to the whims of arrogant and uncaring lazy judges whose primary interest seem to be enriching their buddies, contributors and golf club partners. The calculus of who is appointed to serve as the fiduciary for the lifetime assets of those unfortunate enough to wind up in probate court does not seem to include either the integrity or performance of the corporations, guardians, lawyers, and other professionals regularly appointed to handle the many millions of dollars that flow through probate court in New Mexico and around the country.

Like so many other states, New Mexico has created a show commission on guardianship. It is composed entirely of court insiders who make money from the process and refuses to accept any public testimony or commentary. It fails to conform state statutes about open meetings and intentionally hides every aspect of its proceedings from the public. In so doing the court insiders demonstrate their contempt for the law which they are sworn to uphold, the people which they are sworn to protect and the victims of their criminal collusion to defraud the citizens of their state. How else can you explain the fact that the courts have continued to funnel money into Desert State life management with no oversight, and no concern for the obvious instability of its owner who, when caught in their own lies about the enormous theft of ward’s funds, attempted to commit suicide by taking an overdose of pills.

The sad fact remains that as long as the court is content to corruptly use the statutes intended to protect vulnerable elderly among us to instead ensnare them and enslave them into abusive guardianships and to take their life savings and life assets and turn them over to court insiders who are either inept, corrupt, deranged, sociopathic or sadistic no senior is safe in New Mexico, or anywhere else in the country.