AAAPG PBC Town Hall draws SRO audience

An SRO crowd–some of whom traveled for days to attend from as far away as Wisconsin– of several dozens of family member/victims of Guardianship Abuse in PBC and elsewhere made it abundantly clear that there has been and continues to be an outrageous miscarriage of justice in the PBC probate courts for many years. Families have been ruined, innocent people arrested in retribution for complaining, estates looted, wards abused to death and yet the court insider perpetrators of these crimes have not faced any sort of meaningful punishment from law enforcement and continue to do their “work” in the PBC courts. Respected officials are on record as saying there is no way to remedy this abuse and the system must be “blown up”. Legislators have  tried in vain for years to create laws to stem the tide of abuse without success, but still there is no remedy for this wave of abject criminality. Every division of government punts the problem somewhere else and claims not to have the authority to fix the crisis.A classic failure of public responsibility.

The PB Post is to be commended for its support of John Pacenti for helping uncover this abject criminality. But Law Enforcement has utterly failed to act, ducking the issue and protecting the court insiders by relentlessly saying these crimes are civil matters, not criminal. This must change.

The public must awaken to the threat it faces when the courts are not monitored as they should be and when rogue court insider fail to solve problems and instead create new ones for families

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