Guardianship News:

2 Comments on See the November 2018 Senate Report on guardianship here.

  1. My appeal to the Federal Appellate Court case 18-14133-JJ will address all the abuse that I had to suffered in order to protect my biological mother from the guardianship abuse.
    The predatory, unethical attorneys came up from no where to have “legal authority” over my mother and I is shameful. If the Honorable Judge quickly see it that attorneys are putting wool over their heads then a lot of my suffering will not happened. I hope my appeal will set the first for all of caretaker and/or beneficiary voice inside the courtroom.

  2. The problem from my personal experience in the guardianship proceeding is the Honorable Judges did not treat me fair and impartial in the least restrictive alternative guardian (I lived with my mother, loved her, provide her with 365/24/7 companionship, in addition I paid for all of my mother’s expenses so the account can be frozen). The fair and impartial was not in the vocabulary of guardianship. The rule of the court was not followed. The use of contempt to court was used for threat, intimidation, and ransom for beneficiary to sign off their inheritance.

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