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Is Justice coming to Palm Beach Florida, Finally?

Professional guardian Elizabeth Savitt, married to Judge Martin Colin, says complaints from families of double billing and sending disputes to court to run up fees are ‘frivolous’ and ‘baseless.’ (Madeline Gray / The Palm Beach Post) Professional guardian Elizabeth Savitt, married to Judge Martin Colin, says complaints from families of double billing and sending disputes to court to run up fees are ‘frivolous’ and ‘baseless.’ (Madeline Gray / The Palm Beach Post)

A must read article. John Pacenti and AAAPG have been working on this case for years!


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  1. My mother passed away on February 28, 2017.
    The attorneys who produced fake Court Orders bills my brother . He paid without Court Order, without my knowledge, consent and signature. I am the beneficiary. It is 18 months now. The problem is when I hired attorneys, all they have to do is tell like what it is. Those Motions, Pleadings, and other court papers did not have anybody’s signature!! None, not my brother, not any attorneys. Therefore, even if there is “real” court orders is called “proceeding void”. That means it is worthless papers. Yet, these attorneys without representing anybody bills my brother claim I am suiting and it is all my fault.
    The attorneys even went out of their way to put me in jail for FAKE court orders. Please everybody read the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and Florida Judicial Procedure and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Then the best we can do is go Probate Rules. All of the court documents did not have petitioner signature, notary signature, and attorney’s signature. The rule from the internet state that probate rule 5.020 that Judge suppose to treat it as “proceeding Void”, and not being served. That is DUE PROCESS.
    What can I do? My Federal case was dismissed. It is going to Federal Appellate Court. I watched RBG, and I can write to Supreme Court Judges too. Florida Supreme Court Judges too. Why not? No matter what kind of law is in the book when the lawyers present the court papers is junk paper to collect fees. Judges are the one who suppose to point out that is junk paper and they will not give Court Order. These attorneys did not get the “Court Order” so these attorneys make up one no matter what. They then charge attorney fees. Lots, Lots attorneys fees. From what I read from the court dockets that many many cases has similar issue. Just for attorney fees. And the one of the case is the daughter is the ONLY heiress for her mother’s estate. These attorneys tried to kill the daughter and her mother for their huge estate. Please go on line read the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Florida Rules of Civil Procedures and watch your attorney by reading every court paper they submit and receive. The Court papers have dead line. If the attorney did not submit on time, it will be default. I am so grateful for this website. I did not fall into my ex-attorney’s demand that I give up taking care of my Mom. He banged the table, screamed at me. But I did not sign anything to give up taking care my Mother. The Least Restrictive Alternative Guardianship. I lived with her, I provide her with companionship, I love her, and I shower her with all of my love. At all time dealing with these unethical, predatory attorneys. The result is I went to jail after my Mother died. These attorneys demand I give up my inheritance for attorney fees! Which they had taken from me without my knowledge, consent, and signature. I fought so hard. The attorney even state this in the courtroom: “I’m okay with that, but I just saw this as sort of a quicker road to being able to wrap up these matters rather than filing another motion for contempt, which I could easily do tomorrow if I need to,…” What Motion? The Motion without anybody’s signature? The court hearing without mention of court order? The Court Order was cut and paste judge’s signature. The Bait and Switch Court case for cut and paste judge’s signature?
    Another pointer is all probate court hearing was recorder and parties can order and have it type up. I did and for every hearing. Even for the court order that did not have hearing. The court reporter sent back message that there were no court hearing. So if there is no court hearing why would there be Court Order?

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