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How guardianship works

At AAAPG, we’re always looking for simple, short explanations that capture the essence of guardianship, especially when guardianship is abusively used. This six-page, large-type PDF does just that.

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How guardianship works - a short guide

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  1. Eleanor McLaughlin // January 16, 2019 at 5:24 pm // Reply

    Mr. Black,
    Thank you so much for all your efforts to help those of us that have been victimized. I am a survivor of a fraudulent guardianship. I didn’t know about Dr. Sam Sugar until I had almost gotten free. He gave me the courage to keep going because I have diagnosed PTSD as a result of the guardianship. I have proof of just about everything that happened, but I can’t go through the box because I shake and even looking at the documentation brings on horrible nightmares and erratic heartbeats.
    I finally found a way to deal with it. By replying to others in this terrible situation, I am able to help them and myself by telling my story.
    One thing I tell most of the people is that they should know their state statutes concerning guardianship. If they educate themselves about the statutes, they will find out just how many infractions the guardians and their cooperating gang of thieves are committing. I suspect that there is a lot of under-the-table money being given out so that the guardian can get the results desired.
    I am a guardianship activist until the system gets corrected because:

    “Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.”
    – Dolores Huerta

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