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highlights the result of a multimillion dollar verdict in a high value abusive guardianship involving the Judge husband of a STILL ACTIVE guardian.

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  1. Karen Yeh Ho // August 6, 2017 at 9:39 am //

    My mother passed away on February 28, 2017. She wanted peace and quiet.
    I took care of her 365 days, 24 hours, 7 days a week for many years. I paid for her expenses with my own money. To reduce worry about my brother’s share of inheritance. All financial accounts was frozen. I cannot even touch it until my mother is declare incapacitate. But my bother wanted MONEY. The lawyers wanted MONEY. On March 8, 2017 without my present at the hearing, the judge awarded the court appointed attorney over $10,700 from my mother’s estate. My mother died on February 28, 2017, the lawyers steal from her on March 8, 2017, and she was buried in New York City on March 11, 2017. I notify the court that I will not be at the hearing. The court transcript recorded that lawyers lied, and lied to get the money from my mother’s estate.
    She did not have peace and quiet after the petition of guardianship by my brother in New York. I think she died sooner because of the guardianship.
    When I hired a lawyer to tell the court that I am taking care of my Mom. I have preneed appointment, DPOA, and expect 1/3 of inheritance for the trust and bank accounts and my parents estate.
    The lawyers are so bad. These lawyers lied, and because of their lies that my mother suffer violation of her medical privacy, financial privacy, and her peace and quiet. I have to suffer more intentional inflected emotional stress and suffer violation of my financial privacy. Not only a care taker for my mother is a tremendous stress the added on to protect my mother from court proceeding to put my mother into a nursing home is without court jurisdiction.
    fact: I hired a lawyer. Before he take the case. He told me my mother will not be tested. On the day of the hearing, he banged the table, scream at me, that I will lose this case. He told me to hire a professional personal guardian and professional property guardian for my mother. All these conversation is in front of my husband and the door in the little conference room was opened. I kept clam and told him what he said to me before he took my money to represent me is what I wanted.
    The Court appointed lawyer did not even see my mother but declare that she require Professional personal guardian and Professional property guardian.
    On the date of the hearing. My lawyer took additional money for showing up. He happily told me that is life time income. I fired my lawyer because he insisted on I have to hire a lawyer for my mother, put my mother into professional personal guardian, put her money into professional property guardianship. I have DPOA, and if my mother being declare incapacitated my DPOA will kick in. It is a back door way of not telling me the truth that if I hired Professional guardians for my mother, I resign from my DPOA. Which is not my intention.
    It is on and on. Even the court lost the jurisdiction for the case from the beginning it still won’t let go.
    I became a Pro se to help my mother after I fired my lawyer for cohort with other lawyers.
    I will testify if I have to. I will help other.
    The law is clear: When a family member willing to help the incapacitated person the court lacked jurisdiction. No fraud, no negligent, no abuse. All financial assets was frozen and used my own money to paid for her daily living cost. Everybody said my mother is very well care for. My mother wanted to live like a queen and she can therefore why not. Why would court called it under their court jurisdiction?

  2. Hi,
    I just learned that both of my living children are deceased on court record. They had an inheritance.. I did not know, the court was managing their estate, it was the same county as Karen Federighi who was also deceased on court record and had her life stolen from her. I did not realize this type of stuff happened so frequently.. Here to help shed light on this horrific growing problem…

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