WARNING: Massive Guardianship Corruption in Oakland County Michigan

In the last months we have seen a huge spike in reports of Guardianship abuse and corruption in Oakland County Michigan involving not only private guardians but also elected officials, judges and law enforcement personnel.

Here is just one such case.


There are many other equally horrific cases involving the same and many other officials as well that mimic mafia like organized crime and gang like violence.

This is our first ever warning of this type to citizens with any significant types of assets;


  • do not travel there
  • do not visit there
  • leave that county if at all possible
  • warn residents of the imminent danger of being ensnared in human trafficking, sex slavery, thuggery, violence, forced drugging, phoney arrests and treachery by law enforcement.
  • demand media coverage from every source possible
  • demand action from Michigan’s Attorney General and Governor