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WARNING: Massive Guardianship Corruption in Oakland County Michigan

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In the last months we have seen a huge spike in reports of Guardianship abuse and corruption in Oakland County Michigan involving not only private guardians but also elected officials, judges and law enforcement personnel.

Here is just one such case.  

There are many other equally horrific cases involving the same and many other officials as well that mimic mafia like organized crime and gang like violence.

This is our first ever warning of this type to citizens with any significant types of assets;


  • do not travel there
  • do not visit there
  • leave that county if at all possible
  • warn residents of the imminent danger of being ensnared in human trafficking, sex slavery, thuggery, violence, forced drugging, phoney arrests and treachery by law enforcement.
  • demand media coverage from every source possible
  • demand action from Michigan’s Attorney General and Governor




19 Comments on WARNING: Massive Guardianship Corruption in Oakland County Michigan

  1. Julie Belshe // May 12, 2018 at 11:25 pm //

    It’s the same here in Las Vegas, Nevada! I’m completely outraged at the cover up of ” Legal Guardianship” and the Probate Court! The real clincher: Judges are granted Immunity in Nevada! This is a obstruction of justice in th United States in my opinion!

  2. Karen Federighi // May 12, 2018 at 11:36 pm //

    It is the same in Collier County FL !!! Senator Kathleen Passidomo is obstructing justice and refused to advocate for the numerous victims of fraudulent and abusive Guardianships. The judges continue to threaten victims and their families with arrest if they leave the county or speak up regarding the corruption. And the guardians literally stalk their wards and families and call the police with false accusations.

  3. It’s the same here in Colorado. No transparency or accountability with our judges, public administrators, guardians or conservatorship. One big huge racket! Very corrupt!

  4. Carol Wellman // May 13, 2018 at 12:10 am //

    it’s the same in Asheville, NC.!! My father ordered to return to NC when a family member file incompetency on him. He had already moved to Indiana. He was isolated, unable to contact any family or family unable to talk to him or send him anything for two months. He was abused by the VA Home I Black Mountain, NC, he was overmedicated so that he would not be able to pass his competency tests.He did have the final say, he would not allow anyone to tell him how he was going to live his life–he died on the way to his guardianship hearing. NC is now holding his property hostage, they will sell it foor the cheapest they can get for it. Guardianships are not for the good of a family. It strips an individual of his personal rights. It dehumanizes our loved ones. Family should be discouraged from filing incompetency against family members. Once that ball starts rolling it doesnt stop until your loved one dies.You cant change your mind. Its a done deal.

    • Christopher Brosius // May 13, 2018 at 2:27 am //

      I agree with you . Bickering between family members gives the racketeers the excuse they need to get a foot in the door , and then it is over before you know what happened . Then the family member who started it realizes that they are not going to see whatever money they were starting the fight for in the first place , but now someone is isolated or dead as a result .

      • Frances Moseley // May 13, 2018 at 8:34 pm //

        Pickering Children the beginning and also the end. So suppose this group had another place to go to try to sort through their problems.
        A safe house to try to work out a solution. A place where the alternative is made clear. A place where real people who have experienced this problem can talk in open conversation to others who are in the throws of this complex situation
        This guardianship racket is alive and well but at the same time rivalry between family members allows this racket to exploit our elderly. There needs to be a middle ground of truly understanding and non judgemental persons to help the elderly in this situation. A place where the old and tired can seek help. We need to establish safe houses for our elderly.

  5. Paul Harvey did actually make a statement if you want to commit a murder and get away with it go to Logan County Ohio. People there actually repeat that statement as though it were their MISSION statement and proud of it.
    My Dad was abused living in filth, hording, cat shit for 6 years and exploited for 3/4 million dollars. Afterward he was incarcerated in the drug warehouse for the last 3 years of his life thanks to the nasty court enterprise and their agents. My Mom’s death is still open and unresolved that started this nightmare while they are paying my brother who is the suspect of her death with her own property and abused my Dad. That is DISGUSTING. I have been arrested 3 times and never found guilty for trying to ACCOMODATE my disabled Dad after Mom’s murder but they can’t let that happen cause they can’t steal the money that way. These are corrupt evil people and they get away with this because they have no moral ethical oversight they have to answer too. Until we find juries or prosecutors or a agency that is going to do their duty we can kiss our lives goodbye.

  6. We need a federal investigation here in Washington State too! It’s sick what is happening to our elderly, prisoners have more rights then individuals under guardianship.

  7. Denise Vosburgh // May 13, 2018 at 10:47 am //

    Declaring an elder as “””incompetent””” CAN safeguard them if family immediate takes guardianship themselves. It hurts yet not as much as the harm that state officials can do with the same declaration.

    • In King County WA (Seattle) this won’t work. As soon as a family with assets asks for a guardianship “the court” will decide for some reason that the family is the wrong choice for guardianship and appoint one of it’s corrupt professional guardians and drain the estate. Here I advice people to stay away from the court house and stay away from those lawyers who work there. For Estate planning here it is safer to go out of the county and pick a lawyer who cannot possibly have any jurisdiction over your elder and your family

  8. I should have put this link in my comment…. This web page is under massive additional new evidence with documentation of the criminal acts of the judicial branch using the executive law enforcement as their brut hit squad. Keep checking back for updates….

    open the subsections on the right of the main page. 2018 are the newest additions.

  9. One pissed off daughter. // May 13, 2018 at 12:50 pm //

    It is the same in Omaha, Ne. Our state Adult Protective Service was just the start of this corruption. The state employees began with the false statements. They are funded by the DHHS. You can not win once the ward is in the system. Corruption in our legal system MUST be exposed and stopped. Dereliction of duty to enforce laws within our state entities must be exposed. No one has immunity if they are acting outside of state laws in order to aide and abet criminal acts.
    The #Metoo movement spoke out. So did the abused of the Olympic gymnast Dr. They each received National media attention. And each of those groups did not have nearly as many victims as we have. It is time we organized a NATIONWIDE protest on court house steps, law enforcement steps, DOJ offices, and State capitols. Get the retired/disabled Veterans Groups involved. Our veterans fought for our rights. Start speaking to these groups. This scheme will piss them off. They have a loud voice and are a large voting group. Some of them are victims already.
    Cancel your subscriptions to AARP. Have your friends do the same. Let them know why. They are not advocates for us. Their main focus is the money they receive from promoting insurance companies. Notify nationwide charities. Let them know they are losing millions in donations due to this fraud as the ward is broke at the time of death. My mother had left 20% of her estate to a Nebraska charity. She passed away recently. The remaining amount of her estate was laughable.
    When I speak to people of this fraud, denial of due process and civil rights violations of our elderly, they can not believe this is happening. Another sorely needed resource is national law firms willing to file civil actions for this financial fraud and licensed to practice in every state. Local attorneys do not want to “rock the boat”.
    Dr. Sam, pick a day. You know the people that have contacted you. You are the center hub. Join forces with Kasem cares. Ask for current victims to be their state’s advocates so victims new to this fraud can contact State Advocates and get some help and get organized. Contact victims in each State, band them together and let’s get it done. We will be on the steps of these state entities in numbers, notify media of the planned protests, and demand justice. In a quote from a very prominent Nebraska attorney “It has been going on for years and it will not stop unless a media spectacle is made of it.” The general public is NOT aware of this. They would be incensed by it. WE ALL NEED TO BE THE WARDS ADVOCATES. I would be willing to march to the White House and demand our President to start draining this filthy swamp. Would you?? The key to stopping this is mass organization and getting EXTREMELY vocal. Otherwise, continue living this nightmare. You choose which life you want to live.
    You can become your state advocate by contacting Dr. Sam. Ask to be an affiliate of aaapg for your state.

  10. Marcia M Friedman // May 13, 2018 at 7:01 pm //

    It is the same in Broward County, Florida. No compassion for the Elderly, my Mom isolated since 2014!moved from the ocean to inside a garage! I was not even able to reach her today, mother’s day! Horrifying, painful experience. Very corrupted!

  11. robert schepperle // May 14, 2018 at 4:02 pm //

    Same here in Brevard County Florida as our appointing judge has his own wife working for the guardian he himself appointed and controls all moms assets working as CFP with Wells Fargo. This same judge ignored all moms advanced directives her attorney set up years prior. The FBI after three hours in our home said they see NO Crime!! These attorneys have almost stolen all her life savings and son our taxpayers will be forced to pay the rest. This is hour our Country treats a WWII Gold Star Family member that put his life on the line for freedom in the USA. I will never take a knee in the fight for such a loving mother.

  12. robert schepperle // May 14, 2018 at 4:03 pm //

    Thanks for standing up to these white collar crooks

  13. Kathleen Joy Morris // May 18, 2018 at 9:20 am //

    The Case of disabled young man Michael Lee Rowe, in Calhoun County Michigan, (Battle Creek, Michigan)used of former Probate Judge Philip Harter “human trafficing”, in the biggest sense of the word! Michael Rowe sustained a motorcycle wreck as a 16 year old in 1982. It is believed that Philip Harter “staged” the accident. Michael was one of 3 brothers and a mother who was mentally retarded. Her sons were not
    retarded. The family was pegged in the system. No father in the picture. Easy prey for “guardian vultures”. The person operating the motorcycle conveniently disappeared. According to researching court documents, Michael went through a string of “guardians and conservators” all part of Judge Philip Harter’s prior law firm.. the lawyers wives were involved in the organized crime racket.. as “social workers”, Each lawyer played their hand in stealing accident settlment money with the Michigan No Fault Auto Insurance in the scheme… money laundering.. how the crooks do it.. you figure it out. Attorney Mumford and his wife cindy, were first players, after so many years then handed Mike down to the other crooked lawyer friends of the Judge… Lawyer William Listen and his wife, Jeff Schubel, Attorney Macfarlane, and Attorney Barnett… many more through the years .. Judge Philip Harter formed the corrupt Guardian Inc. of Calhoun County, eventually Mike’s case was funneled into it, and more crooks profited from Mikes disablity. I met Mike in a so-called brain injury facility in Battle Creek, called Battle Creek Neuro Rehab Center in 1997 as I a new employee (LPN). Mike was miserable in that snake pit as were the other 34 residents. Mike did not understand why he was put there, aftet graduating from high shcool as a disabled person and getting a diploma? He was he was put there by his guardian to train him for work. He had been there several years and no training was done, only restrictions and drugging new drugs that left him listless. He hated the forced drugging as he was never on any drugs prior! He had won handicap awards for wheelchair competition races in his years in school. Now the drugs took his strength and all he could do is barely hold his head up. He complained to the Guardian. Mike wanted out. He wanted to be free to live in an apartment as other persons with disabilities do. Mike was sorely abused in this bogus facility that was only licensed as Foster Care Home by the State of Michigan Licensing. But yet the State got away with deceptive marketing and allows these string of fake head injury rehabs be advertised as “specializing in treating brain injured.”.. The State of Michigan is corrupt. No help will come for anyone here to report abuses to the State when they know full well the crimes they are committing. Mikes Federal rights under the U.S. Constitution are violated. After I reported to the State of Michigan the rights violations and abuses to residents there, and was fired for reporting, a 6 month investigation pursued. Everything I reported was found to be true only worse. Mike and others had been molested by the medical director and more terrible crimes. Mike now was used and abused again by the corrupt Probate Court system. Big gun lawyers came in from Detroit Michigan, to prosecute and defend the “wards of the court”,in sexual abuse cases, that stemmed from my Whistle Blowers suit. Mike was farmed to another terrible State licensed fake brain injury re-hab in Coldwater, Michigan- Coach House Rehab Center ( a branch from Hope Network Rehab chain). Mikes life became worse. Judge Harter court ordered he could not have visitors, phone calls nor mail. I have the court order. Anyone attempting to visit Mike they called the police who fully co-operated with the owners. Mike was a literal prisoner and still is to this day. Mike has been held in solitary confinement in a fake brain injury re-hab center (for which Michigan has more than any other state). They keep the residents hostage by the abuse of the
    corrupt Probate Guardian system. The Judges the ring leaders. God only knows how the money is laundered so the crooks each get their piece? Checking Mikes court records a 10 million dollar law suit was filed by a crooked Detroit lawyer firm – Jewls Olsman, for Mikes sexual abuse. The pervert got off Scott free! Of course claiming they are “mentally incapacitated”,they don’t know what they are saying??? The usual bunch of shit! Phil Harter is now off the bench due to my reporting him to the JTC (Judicial Tenure Commission). I used documents, and evidence to prove his corruption.. and even though this corrupt organization throws out most all valid complaints,this time the sucker got it! But he got no real punishment,no prison time… the State of Michigan set Harter up in a State Law Firm .. Michigan Elder Law.. as one of the honcho lawyers
    called Caligan & Tripp law firm! Mike has a guardian picked by Judge Harter in Dowagic,Michigan.. called Guardian & Alternatives, Rana Letchlitner. She has not ever seen Mike. Only restricts him, and spends his settlement money along with the other cronies. We went to try to find this business and there is no such business. There is a number on a vacant building. Mike is from a long string of organized crime guardian/probate racket in Michigan.. many players through the years have profited off of Mike Rowe, while robbing this fine young man of his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness! We fought hard to save Mike to free him from the slave camp he has been unjustly sentenced to! These thugs need to be hung! They need to have a slow death of torture for what they did to Mike and hundreds of other like him! The Feds need to come in and bust the crime ring and do it now! We petitioned for Mike back in 1998 along with Mikes brother, (we were naive about this corruption). My husband is a glowing citizen. Never had any police record.. served in the Navy, voluntered as a medical first responder for the fire Dept., served as volunteer deputy for the Barry County Posse, and worked hard all his life, glowing record.. but when we filed to petition to change guardian for Mike so he could be free and we wanted to help him with that, Philip Harter came after us like an animal for the kill. Suddenly my husband was made out to be a criminal.. as you know the probate law states the guardian must be “suitable”. Philip Harter mission was to make my husband “unsuitable.” Before the hearing a strange man came to our home at 6 a.m. pounding on the door demanding George come out now…He accused my husband of pointing a gun to his head! It was all a lie! Harter proclaimed my husband a dangerous man and was not suitable to be Mikes new guardian!
    That is only a tip of the iceburg of the horror we have been through, in fighting the organized Mafia – of guardian probate corruption!
    I have binders of all our work trying to save Mike and many others… but who will investigate? Who? The Feds refer the cases back to the State.. and nobody helps! Our U.S. Government must step in and must stop turning a blind eye to these crimes against humanity… which is the American Holocaust! (the Holocaust pales to the atrocities of mankind with America’s corrupt Guardian Probate organized crime racket.. using humans for profit denying them their life, freedom.. America should be ashamed of itself!

  14. Adequacy Assurance Group // May 22, 2018 at 5:21 pm //


    Dear Honorable Law Enforcement Officers,

    I would like to bring your attention to the “Juryless Process Abuse Epidemic”, that is currently plaguing our country, and unlawfully stripping away assets from some of our most vulnerable citizens/seniors…a situation that we have become aware of—and seen the evidence. Too often “juryless” courts are being used as a tool to racketeer/steal assets from American hard working citizens & families, and intentionally wrongly award them to probate networks including “attorneys“, “guardians”, “fiduciaries”, etc., via cooperating “probate/juryless judges”, acting in contravention to law. These racketeering uses of our court facilities, “federally and state defined felonies” (of the corruption, obstruction, grand theft/embezzlement, jury, witness, & evidence tampering, etc. varieties), are immensely adding-to/creating the civil unrest, chaos, crime & debt rates on the streets….which in turn is endangering, harming, and KILLING POLICE OFFICERS and the general citizenry alike, this very day. Just recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reported a 61% increase in police officers killed this very year…NOW IS THE TIME TO PROSECUTE!

    I am of the great hope that you, from your position and dedication to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and your personal stake herein, will take the necessary steps to ensure that these abuses are stopped and due process is in fact being provided and protected, including minimally:

    1.Identify courts operating without juries in your area & jurisdiction, detailing those sitting without a jury in the courtroom, as well as those without sufficient jury review and oversight of “proposed findings” and litigant objections, etc.

    2.Ensure that in your department, as well as on a state/federal level, that there is an adequate task force apprised and charged with identifying and prosecuting any/all illegal exploitation of juryless court facilities/functions, which would include the wrongful removals of proper grand/trial jury function and the facilitation/enabling of organized crime/wrongdoing, “court”/”attorney”/”bar” exploitation of litigants, assets, etc.; and personally ensuring that those findings are presented to the district grand jury for process, minimally

    It has long been proven that Juryless Governance is a breeding ground for organized crime, racketeering, and crime in general—preventing the same being one of the main reason for the establishment of this country. As these are urgent matters that expand and exaggerate unnecessarily the crime and debt rates on our streets this very day, they are well within your authority and best interest to investigate and bring to justice. I look forward to your efforts in stopping these CRIMES & UNCONSTITUTIONAL activities, RESTORING PROPER GRAND/TRIAL JURY FUNCTION. As always, my staff and I are available to assist you in any way possible. Please stay safe as you protect our communities, and may God Bless you and the United States of America.



  15. I petitioned probate court in Oakland Co. to become my brothers guardian he is in foster care appt. was set, but death in family, so I called and set another date with a man in judges chambers he said, then on the day of first appt. Adlitem calls and ask why I’m not in court he said it was never rescheduled and when I called court conveniently no record of my petition or phone call was on record and brother ended up with guardian/attorney I am sure to his surprise my brother owned nothing but the clothes on his back, so now I wonder was it part of this corruption

  16. sibling did same thing in macomb county with mother, because she had lawyer exploited her, undo influence, lawyer conflict of interest and got away with it all, because judge was biased we the opposing 3 siblings had no lawyer and were not allowed to speak and not questioned by judge about comments on opposing letter form about lies etc

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