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  1. see federal appeal: USCA case number: 18-14133-JJ appeal from Federal case number 9:18CV80346BB
    4DCA case number: 4D18-2245; 4D18-2902; 4D18-2904; combine appeal to 4D18-2245. 4D18-3029.
    In the 15th Judicial Court cases:
    502016MH001512; 502016GA000305; 502017CP00105; 502017CP001292; 502017CP000861; 502017CP000866; 502018CF003929.
    I paid for all court hearings and transcripts.
    All pointing to Attorneys collusion with each other for attorney fees.
    These attorneys did not care about elderly!
    These attorneys just want to looting elderly’s money and estate.
    As all the motions, pleadings, other court papers filed by attorneys for no signatures from the pleader, attorney of records, and notary will result in PROCEEDING VOID. It means the court orders are no good, no legal standing.
    Why do these attorney do that? As long as the other attorney did not mention it, and call it SANCTION then some one had to pay for “this intentional mistake”. Who will pay? the elderly or elderly’s estate (beneficiary(ies)). There is no extra money from anybody new. It is the same Estate pie. That is what attorneys are doing to churning the case!! I did not hire any attorney. I did not show up for the Court but I was put in jail for “Proceeding Void” court order. If I appeal, the 4DCA will state “No Court Jurisdiction” and dismiss the case. Which is confusing because 4DCA will not review the case because the Court Order is not a valid legally enforceable court order because that motion is supposed be strike by the Honorable Judge before the Honorable Judge sign their name to the Court order for that Motion. It is very confusing for anybody!!! But attorneys did not care. The attorney wants court order and did not care about legal or not legal. They will use these court orders to get to the elderly’s money and beneficiary (ies) money first.
    That is how FRAUDULENT GUARDIANSHIP churning out attorney fees by make sure fake court orders and sanction the fake court orders. If these attorney have to come up with their own money for sanctions these attorney will stop writing Motions, after Motions for purpose for sanctions. They will share the sanction fees right? My ex-attorney told me the case if LIFE TIME INCOME. HE was so happy! I quickly fired him and went pro se to save my Mom from court order guardianship. Then the attorneys start produced their own court orders. These court orders looks like real court order, and financial institutions believe it is real. The financial institutions had real money, real financial assets were transferred to “property guardian” for the purpose of writing checks to pay for “attorney fee” without court order. The elderly and beneficiaries was not allow to know what is going on with their financial accounts because “property guardian” was the account holder. Those accounts was not frozen. It seem like frozen, it seem like before writing checks to attorneys require court orders. Who is checking anyway? Who is holding these attorneys accountable for the elderly’s money any way?
    I know for sure, whoever complaints about it, these attorneys use “contempt to court” for purpose of “force settlement”. No settlement then inventing criminal action to put the complainer in to jail since these attorney’s background is criminal attorney and they know criminal law is not perfect. I was asked by Public Defender to plead guilty when they did not even “read” my case! The Court also “forced placed” an attorney. I guessed his job is to ask me to plead guilty. If I did not do anything wrong and plead guilty. Isn’t that Perjury to the court? Isn’t Perjury a crime?
    I saved my mother from horrify taking away her civil rights. These predatory attorney then created “fake guardianship court orders” for her assets and obtain attorneys fees without her knowledge and consent. My mother’s the other two beneficiaries did not know about the attorney fees. (I am one of the three beneficiaries) The “fake court order Property Guardian is my eldest brother and he kept writing checks to pay attorney fees for his own benefits. No money from the fake guardianship went to my mother. The Attorneys took over $240,000 for attorney fees, and zero dollar went to my mother’s daily living expenses. What did these attorneys do for $240,000 attorney fees? As Dr. Sam Sugar “The Perfect Crime”. Let see what Federal Court will do….
    To be continue……

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