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#TampaGuardianshipEvent–Coming Soon! Join in!

The Guardians - a documentary from Billie Mintz The Guardians - a documentary from Billie Mintz

Guardianship victims and stakeholders from around the country will gather on  February 20, 2019 in beautiful downtown Tampa’s Riverwalk District  at the historic Tampa Theatre for a day of solidarity devoted to increasing knowledge and awareness of the guardianship crisis in America for victims, families, advocates, professionals and the general public followed by the Florida Premiere of the full length feature film “The Guardians”  by Director Billie Mintz to which the public is invited

What: FREE #TampaGuardianshipEvent  a day long multimedia educational event “Preventing Abuse and Protecting Rights” followed by the Florida Premiere of “The Guardians” movie.

When: February 20, 2019

  • Meet and Greet 11 AM Le Meridian Hotel–Luncheon by Reservations only at 
  • Program Speakers and Presentations from 2-5  PM
  • Movie begins at 7 PM followed by
  • Expert Q and A from 9 PM to 10:30 PM

Where: Tampa Theatre, 711 N. Franklin Street, Tampa Florida

Who should attend: Guardianship stakeholders, victims and families, the professional community, families at risk, the courts and clerks, and anyone wanting to raise their level of awareness to prevent guardianship abuse

Who is speaking: The leading experts in the country on guardianship abuse advocacy,members of the legal community and members the Florida Circuit Court system and the Stars of “The Guardians” movie.

For Presentation Titles and Biographies on our scheduled expert speakers click here

Why: To prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation and the next unjust guardianship. To learn helpful information and techniques from leading national experts.

We have opened space in the theatre starting at 2 PM–no reservations needed! The event is FREE and open to the public!

For FREE reservations and admission, click below

Questions: email 

or call 855 913 5337 x101

Event is in Loving Memory of Idelle Stern

See the Tampa Theatre website below for more information


6 Comments on #TampaGuardianshipEvent–Coming Soon! Join in!

  1. I just filed my brief in the Federal 11th Circuit Court.
    I am working on my consolidated brief to 4DCA.
    I am sending each of Supreme Court Justices my brief with a letter.
    Instead of being honor for taking excellent care of my mother. Predatory attorneys were using fraudulent court orders, motions without any signature, pleadings without any signature and in Probate Court it require NOTARY with verify statement to have valid court orders. Each and every Court order was void court order just for attorney fees.
    I was put in jail for almost 17 days and under handcuffs, foot shackled, my waist have chain. I had two Palm Beach County Sheriffs with gun by standing by me. The Predatory attorney who did not file notice of appearance, who did not sign his name to anything in the court dockets demand I give up my inheritance (2.4 million dollars) and if not enough for his attorney fees. These attorney will go after my personal wealth properties! That was all inside the Courtroom with Judge telling if I don’t sign the document I will not go home! I will have to stay in jail indefinitely! What they did not know is I know how to write brief without any attorney. I know how to read English and I pick up law books, Florida Rules of Judicial Administrations which is mirror image of Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, Florida Probate Rules, Florida Rules of Civil Procedures, Florida Rules of Evidence is mirror image of Federal Rules of Evidence. After I filed compliant against these predatory attorneys for violating my Civil Rights the attorney have Clerk of Palm Beach County filed criminal probable cause against me. Which cost me few more thousand of dollar to defend myself. I refuse to hire attorney then I had Forced-Placed attorney. The forced-placed attorney did not get pay yet. Then the Court sent me to have test for intelligent and competency test. I demand court reporter to transcribe my answer. My mother’s “exam” did not have court reporter. My suggestion is to get a video and court reporter for documentation asap if anybody file any petition.
    This is what I call slavery!!! A person saved and invested their whole life then by using this Guardianship to looting, stealing, took control of a person’s wealth. If their “beneficiary” complaint just use CIVIL CONTEMPT TO COURT until “beneficiary” sign agreement to give up their inheritance. (To make it look legal when it is not legal in the first place but Florida Supreme Court honor the “SETTLEMENT”)
    Civil Contempt can be jail indefinitely. But how did it get to Civil Contempt? That is all make up and any judge willing to violate civil rights that judge will sign it.
    So I was able to get out of jail by paying $20,000 ransom to the attorneys.
    Did anybody asked if the attorney have legal authority to come to court hearings? NO! Even I asked and asked and asked. No one willing including Judge willing to tell these predatory attorneys that they don’t have right to stand inside the Courtroom to ask for anything.
    So these Predatory Attorneys kept setting Court Hearings without Court Order that will produce any result that is call “benefit” to my Mother or my Mother’s Estate. My brothers will write checks for these Court Orders that did not have any merits. Except he is getting into trouble for lying inside the courtroom. What did he lie about? He lied that my mother was living all by herself. Even there are Hospice nurse, doctors, and cleaning lady, three personal care assistants will testify that my Mother was not living alone. The Predatory attorneys can not even remember his own lie from one page of court transcript to another.
    My suggestion is to take care of your loved one first by living with the love one. That is suppose to take care of “GUARDIANSHIP”. It is called “Least Restrictive Alternative Guardianship”, then the court appointed attorney so hungry for more attorney fees used “less restrictive alternative guardianship” that means require legal documents.
    As for the whole purpose of “Guardianship” was to steal money from the elderly. Our U.S. Government needs to come up with standard Court Order and procedures to protect the most needed protection’s financial assets.
    This require U.S. Government oversight rather than the local Judge, local attorneys, and clerk of Court all working together for most needed protection’s financial assets. There must be better solutions to this horrible greedy, predatory, and making one human slavery.
    I will be very careful about who is the attorney to represent me in the “guardianship”. As my ex-attorney told me: “THIS IS A LIFE TIME INCOME!” I asked, “whose life time?” As long as there is money for looting. The case will go on and on. If “beneficiary” did not show up that Judge will sign court order provided by the predatory attorney for CONTEMPT TO COURT! That was basically my story. My inheritance is being held as hostage. But I know I need to file complaint to CFPB and FINRA to get back my inheritance money quickly.

    • BTW, Sam, in reading at one of your emails this morning, I saw comments by “Karen Yeh Ho”, who appears to be suing the law firm of Boxes & Farina. In her various actions she mentions attorneys John Farina and Adam Cebocik (sp?). This is the law firm and lawyers that dramatically misrepresented and ripped off my Mom as her court-appointed attorney. (Appointed by crooked judge Diana Lewis over my very strenuous objections, which she and Farina unlawfully disregarded, falsely arguing and unlawfully ruling that I did not qualify as an Interested Person – ultimately reversed by the 4th DCA, but not before Boyes & Farina destroyed and ripped off my Mother.)

      If you believe it would help Ms. Yeh Ho, please forward her the following link which is a Federal Court ruling confirming in great detail that John Farina, Boyes & Farina, and Scott Colton (son of the 15th Circuit Court Chief Judge!), were found guilty of many tens of millions of dollars fraud and money laundering, against some very famous Palm Beach citizens, Arnold Palmer and Greg Norman, no less.

      Unbelievably, despite this conviction (and my objection), John Farina is still a very active guardian attorney and court-appointed ward attorney. Incredible but true! And now I see he’s involved in Karen Yeh Ho’s case.

  2. The Attorneys called Guardianship “Life Time Income”
    Making it all possible just pay $400 for court filing fees.
    No body sign any Motion, Pleading and Other Court Paper is okay. It is violation of Probate Code but as long as there is court order and money kept rolling in. It is what these attorneys wanted.
    I hope that if everybody would write to the Supreme Court and Congress and Senator and Governor so we can make it a point that it is criminal to take away anybody’s civil rights that is called slavery!
    A stranger can own another person life, liberty, property with Florida Statue 744. That is all done within 5 minutes of court hearing. Total time to lose a person’s life, liberty, and property.
    The Honorable Judge did not write, sign the Court order.
    The Attorney did not have legal authority wrote and sign and filed the Court Order.
    No body said anything. All the Attorneys and Judges. The Court file was kept inside the Judge’s chamber.

  3. Interested. Very much.
    Case Person TBI communication defecit. Treated as Psychiatric problem. Illergic and Contraindicated including life threatening by Metabolic failure due to Toxicity to esinophilic asthma to these meds very few meds can give. Dr referral for MMJ,CBD. BA and refused recognize POA HCS according to FL Law because would not give permission again to administer drugs nor use tazer to make him verbally complicit. And comply. He has min own drugs take away his ability to speak and swallow aspirate and react on TBI interfering with cognition and motor movement causing falling unable walk stand.
    This person did own small shipping etc.has mind own and voices own opinion. Declared a judge appointed HCS contrary to FL Law appointed person not a Child nor Sibling of his as required by FL Law for appointment of Healthcare Surrogate if one is not already appointed by the person. There is three person’s listed and his only daughter’s endores as his wishes. Result Kidney Liver Toxicity Rabdomylasis protien in Kidneys resulting permanent damage Atrophy DKDF Kidney Failure and Liver Failure, Pulmonary edema, Cardiac irregularities, Ascities, Seizure. All seen on Labs.
    Dr and Facility did this 3times. Refused release him only to Facility then when found out his insurance had appointed Advocate Case Mgr. for him and No one was and Hospital NOT going get Paid. 24 he before next Court hearing they wheeled him to sidewalk and kicked him out wheel chair. He found his way as I has told him if they did this to a Daycare Hospital was found in Laundry Room at that hospital. In hospital gown and wrist bands from other hospital. They had de lard him Danger self ,others,and society only transferable to Facility. No one would take him because of workup they falsely made on him. No money.
    The facility changed his insurance to Magellon which only pays for Psychiatric drugs and Inpatient. Discharged he could not get BP meds Seizure Med. Thiamin He on Total Nutrition Peptid formula Therapy due to lack of intristic factors for digestion associated with liver function. No Labs show bipolar. He has difficulty speaking and hoh, gets upset if told quit mumbling rightly so. Shitheads should listed . I have been Nursing since 1982.
    Have seen same with others again and again.
    This gets double billing on admissions all discharged get psyc eval.
    He was discharged to go to GI Dr for GI Bleed.
    While in there they adminirred anticoagulant daily shot to prevent blood stasis in legs to person with GI Bleed.

  4. Walter Hawkins // February 4, 2019 at 10:48 pm //

    This is happening to my friends Dad and they cant do anything about iit. She tried to get another lawyer but the courts wouldn’t let her. What can she do it is devastating her family???

  5. What can citizen’s do to stop Guardians? Are any HONEST politicians in FL or Wash DC working to stop this travesty. My father was also a victim and his whole estate taken by guardian & attorneys. The families are victimized and in the end — after money depleted, and victim dumped on sidewalk — the US TAXPAYERS are left to support these financially RAPED victims.

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