Dear Friends

AAAPG has become what it is because of the support it has received from you over the years and the hard work and dedication of the volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the years.

By exposing, explaining and fighting against abusive guardianship abuse through our website, Facebook page, Twitter account and our newsletters, and by reaching out to a wider general audience with the success of “Guardianships and the Elderly-the Perfect Crime” our book on guardianship abuse as well as our major events such as the Tampa Guardianship Event this past February and our upcoming Orlando town hall on guardianship, we have helped shine a light on one of the most egregious abuses against the elderly in the United States today.

Those of us who been victimized by the guardianship racket know firsthand how difficult it is to fight against it and how much of a toll it takes. By continuing to voice our message of “Educate, Advocate. Legislate” , AAAPG has become a leading authoritative and reliable “go to” voice in advocating against ageism in our courts and our society. Our efforts have resulted in an ever increasing amount of public interest and media coverage so necessary for any movement.

The imminent activation of our NIAGRA Board in Florida (see  NIAGRA description) and other states to follow holds promise of giving a greater unified voice to the legitimate complaints of victims and families by officially notifying the courts of irregularities and violations of law that occur in the guardianships they create.

All our programs are free to the public so anyone can attend. No one in AAAPG receives a salary. All work is volunteer. All monies collected by AAAPG go directly into our programs with no overhead. Often, personal funds are used for expenses like funding for our victim videos series,  Internet service provider costs, mass email services, telecommunications, supplies, postage and copying costs and the like. Countless hundreds of hours a year are spent responding to inquiries about guardianship abuse from the general public and especially from victims and family members–at no charge. All this is done at no charge. AAAPG invites any interested person to join our organization at no charge as well. There are no dues.


All of this work takes money. There is no other way to say it.

SJS Medfund doing business as AAAPG is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the law.

Particularly if you have been benefited by our work, I would ask that you support our efforts with a generous donation at this time. 

You can quickly and easily donate by our preferred methodology Paypal or learn how and where to send in a donation by clicking on Our donate page

While every donation appreciated and welcome, please consider a donation of $200 or more if that is in your budget.

If you know of family members or someone else who would appreciate our work, it would be greatly appreciated could suggest for them to donate generously as well.

If you have any questions or comments please send them to me at Dr. Sugar’s email

Thank you very much

Dr. Sam Sugar

Founder AAAPG





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