Unsolicited from Michigan Victim

I want to say so much about this corruption of guardianship! I pray this will go through! this country should be ashamed of itself for allowing this secret evil of guardianship in our courts to exist in a so-called free society! Many greedy profiteers involved in “using humans for profit”, under the guise of protectors! It is even more evil than Hitler’s Holocaust, as that horror ended. Guardianship corruption has destroyed countless American citizens lives, their families loved ones, once snared, where atrocities comparable to the death camps go on and on. Yes, the crooked perverse Judges are the ring leaders. Thousands of people who died in the wars fighting for U.S. freedoms, did it in vain.. the guardianship system is evil to the core, making the people (not wards, but human beings) with no rights.. no rights at all!  My mother was snared in a involuntary guardianship. It has been 4 years since I have seen or talked to my dear precious mom. When I try to visit mom, they call the police, saying the guardian gave them orders mom is to have no visitors no phone calls, and cannot receive mail. When I attempt to send my mother flowers, I am served papers for a PPO ! You call this America!  I only am telling you a tid bit of the horror I have lived trying to seek justice for moms rights to visitors.. even clergy are denied visits! Lawyers are corrupt. Retained several, who have done nothing. They are all in on it, this racketeering organized crime racket called “guaridanship”.  This country is as evil as the government of Hitler/Nazis.  It is all about money, demoting humans to cases for which they can use and abuse for profit. They even take out large bonds and life insurance policies on their wards of the court so after they finally kill them, they collect from that!  I have so much more to say! The problem I have had is that no one will help me. No body cares! If it is not happening to them, they look at me like I am a kook or a liar.. like that can’t really be true? Everybody turns a blind eye. People say such stupid things like, ” Oh, you must go on with your life, you will see your mother some day in heaven!”  I can’t believe it! Does no one put themselves in others shoes? Thank you that now I am finding some people who are exposing these crimes against humanity.  I cannot have any joy or peace in my life after what they have unjustly done to mom!
sincerely, Katie from the corrupt state of Michigan, State where more guardians are appointed than any state in the country