Unanimous passage of SB 232

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Senate Vote on SB 232

For the second year in a row AAAPG has advocated for and succeeded in the passage of major guardianship reform in Florida. No other group in the country can claim this honor. Special thanks to our warrior Doug Franks for attending every House and Senate Committee meeting on this and other related bills. Special thanks to Julie London Ferguson whose devotion to her mother Marise convinced Senator Detert to create this Bill. And special thanks to Barbara Peters Smith for her series”The Kindness of  Strangers” that publicized these abuses in the Sarasota Herald Tribune last year.

We also anticipate the passage of a Bill by Senator Gwen Margolis to limit the number of Wards that can be owned by any Guardian, which came about directly from our lobbying of the Senator.

We are proud of these accomplishments, but realize that this is but another small step forward in our struggle to expose and stamp out the cancerous racket that has infected our Justice system nationwide. Every day sees the enslavement of another innocent family. We cannot rest until the Judges in guardianship courts and their bosses in the State Supreme Courts recognize that through their malfeasance, laziness or corruption they have the blood of entire families on their blackened robes.

We must tell the world that our rights are being trampled in family, divorce and guardianship equity courts all across America. This cannot stand!

We seek the greatest media exposure possible to expose this cruel and illegitimate court based racket. With your help and that of God Almighty we will prevail.

Sam J Sugar MD

Founder AAAPG.net