Torture in Probate Equity Guardianships

Victims and families of guardianship abuse nearly universally complain that they are being tortured by the court system in Equity probate proceedings.

Here’s why they are right.

Among the top 10 forms of nonphysical torture are:

  • Being subjected to interrogation for long periods
  • Blackmailing or other forms of undue coercion
  • Exploitation of strongly held beliefs or fears
  • Pharmacological torture
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Threat of permanent, severe damage

Each one of these methodologies is routinely employed in abusive guardianship cases by legal and guardian predators in and out of the courts.


In staged litigation discovery , it is typical for depositions to last not for a few hours but for days at a time during which teams of lawyers spent endless hours grinding family members with sophisticated interrogation techniques most appropriate for ax murderers rather than for those who wish to contest a guardianship in what appears to be nothing more than an exercise in padding billable hours by torturing witnesses who have committed no nor have been charged with any crime. All the while each of the lawyers and guardians and their colleagues is running up enormous hourly fees to be paid both from the estate and from the private personal funds of the family member.

For the allegedly incapacitated person, being repeatedly subjected to examinations by Court examiner’s is extremely stressful as is the stress of constantly being interrogated by so-called caregivers in the employ of a guardian.


For the families, being blackmailed into defending against crimes that never occurred results in the dissipation of a lifetime of assets simply because an unverified accusation of wrongdoing is lodged with an equity court judge by someone who has an interest in improperly taking over the life of an innocent alleged incapacitated person.

The allegedly incapacitated person is forced by court order to dissipate his own estate without a contract or agreement in place with the third party, this is the quintessential form of coercion, forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do and have no control over.

Emotional Exploitation

Abusive guardianships exploit our most basic emotional connection to our parents or loved ones and far too often make good on the threat to isolate them from us, typically an enormous primal fear for someone who loves another.

For the ward, abusive guardianship removes an elderly individual from their environment, their family, their community and leaves them terrified and alone.

Pharmacological torture

Abusive guardianships are routinely augmented by the heinous off label use of atypical anti psychotics –amazingly strong psychoactive medications, highly dangerous to the elderly even in tiny doses– which result in a zombie like state placing the ward in great danger and terrifying loved ones who witness it.

Sensory Deprivation

Wards and family members who are deprived of the fundamental connection to one another including simple touch are damaged by the forced separation of stay away orders from probate equity court judges.

Sleep Deprivation Consequences

Sleep disorders are extremely common among victims and families and come about as the direct result of incessant barrages of attacks on their character, estates, capacity and reputation heaped upon them by court insider attorneys whose primary goal is not the welfare of the ward or the family but their own predatory self-interests.

Associated extraordinarily high chronic levels of stress and anxiety sadly lead to maladaptive behavior, substance abuse and legal abuse syndrome, a variety of post-traumatic stress disorder manifestations.

Threat of permanent, severe damage

While it might just be about the money for the court insiders, for the various victims of probate equity court, the money is just one part of the enormous blood-sport all out assault on the overall well-being of everyone who is in the probate court cross hairs.

This is clearly torture of the most despicable kind– torture for profit.

The Effects of torture

Torture has profound and long-lasting physical and psychological effects. Torture is a form of collective suffering that is not limited to the victim. The victims’ family members and friends are often also affected due to adjustment problems such as outbreaks of anger and violence directed towards family members. According to research, psychological and physical torture have similar mental effects. Often torture victims suffer from elevated rates of the following:


Talk to any victim of guardianship abuse. They will all tell you the same story of how an out of control, broken, dastardly, deceptive and dangerous court-based system which promises to protect the most vulnerable among us instead destroys them and everyone dear to them all in the name of greed, using overt tools of torture.

This closely guarded secret of how equity courts (including probate, family and divorce) cruelly torture nearly everyone they touch–except the court insiders, of course– must and will reach the general public. While it will be too late for current and past victims, the outcries and demands for reform will be deafening. Maybe–just maybe–then it will be safer to grow old in America.

It is our job to make sure that happens.