The anguish and pain of another highly abusive Guardianship in Florida

As told by  an AAAPG member. Heartbreaking. Put this story in front of every one you know to warn of the horrors of guardianship. Send it to every media you can find. If you don’t who will?

I don’t remember if I told you and the group that my beloved mother passed away 2 weeks ago, on Saturday night, November 21, 2015.

If you remember, she he had suffered from a broken pelvis and L-5 in her lumbar, while in the clutches of the guardian and under the “care” of a 24/7 aide, provided by the infamous
guardian,(name withheld)XXXX

My mother was in the hospital  until Oct. 5, 2015. During her hospital stay, they provided her with physical therapy 2 times. On Sunday, Oct 4, the guardian went through with the charade of having my brother and I meet with a hospice rep, who literally tried to cram it down our throats even though he and I had no real say in the matter. I said I needed 24 hours to think it over, discuss it with family members, etc. My brother, thought financially, it was a win-win. In actuality, my mother had been signed up by the guardian 2 days earlier, Oct. 3.2015.
Hospital admission papers show she was admitted for a broken bone. Hospice shows she was admitted for “heart failure, unspecified.”

From the moment my mother returned, with hospice as well as the same inept aide from XXXX Home Health Agency that let her fall (now charging $2100/week), my mother was not permitted to move from the hospital bed. For 6 weeks she was forced in lie there in basically 1 position, receiving no physical therapy, no commode or bed pain, being forced to go in a diaper, when she was not incontinent.

Then, the meds. Every one of her long time medicines was stopped, from her daily blood sugar testing, to diabetes meds, blood pressure, diuretic, cholesterol, heart meds, you name it. She kept answering that her pain level was nil to very low. But they plied her with morphine and ativan around the clock, Restoril, and more. Her catheter was not changed for over 5 weeks !!!!! And she received constant enemas and suppositories.

This is breaking my heart, and I can’t stop grieving. She stopped eating and drinking for the last 9 days of her life. Yet they finally changed the catheter the day before she died!! And gave her an enema on the very day she died !! How she was tortured. I climbed onto her bed, held her, and sang to her. I have never cried so in my life.

Sam, this was murder. I know what I witnessed. Then, instead of going directly to the her pre planned burial plot, she was taken to the XXXX Medical Examiner’s Office. The next day they would not release her until my brother and I each sign a statement to send to the guardian’s attorney stating that we would not remove anything from our mother’s apt. The day of her funeral, a Tuesday, he and I wanted to see our mother first. When I told the funeral director that I was a touchy feely person, she warned me that there was some “plastic” I might feel. I lifted up her shirt and saw her body covered with thick plastic bags, some with zippers ! What the hell did they do to her ? It looks like they did an autopsy ? Isn’t that against Jewish law ? I also saw a large bloody stain where her pacemaker should have been.

What can I do now ? I simply cannot walk away and pretend that nothing happened. The guardian plans on going to my mother’s apt. sometime  today to do her final inventory. To me, that is B.S. because she had listed the Initial inventory as being valued at $1000.00.

What can I expect as far as how the guardianship should end, turning over any money that is left, who contacts social security, etc?

And then, how can I try to serve or whatever the correct term is, to accuse the guardian, the aide, the agency, maybe the judge…of murder ?

I have many, many more details to share but not here in this forum. Please let the others in our group know about my mom.

I miss her so much, every day I want to call her up…..but she’s no longer there.