Texas: new videos added to YouTube channel

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AAAPG’s YouTube channel has two new videos:

WGNO-TV reports: Who’s caring for mom? Elder guardianship becoming a big issue. As the American population ages, AARP says more people face the prospect of losing control of their lives to court-appointed guardians or guardianship agencies. WGNO’s Susan Roesgen has the story of a New Orleans man and his brother, fighting to regain the care of their 93-year-old mother.

May 22, 2015 Testimony of Texas’ Chief Probate Judge Guy Herman in front of Texas Senate committee.  This video was part of public testimony in front of Texas Senate committee State Affairs, a public hearing on HB 1438 held on May 22, 2015. HB 1438 has been rhetorically labelled “Just give probate courts your money, and no one gets hurt” bill and given Judge Herman’s rather histrionic testimony, we have to ask – WHY does Judge Herman demand that HB 1438 be passed, especially since he does not one time mention wards and their families, except to mention them as disagreeable parties that appear in his courtroom, for whom he does not care? His entire testimony is very revealing for whom the benefits of HB 1438 were crafted – the probate judges like Guy Herman, and the probate attorneys who practice in front of probate judges just like Guy Herman.