“The truth about Professional Guardianship Abuse”

May 4, 2020 // 0 Comments

                                                   A link to this webinar powerpoint-!AkhleSCTwahdqz4NSJPvBgESsJN2?e=YhL3ak NEW!  AAAPG Webinar Series  AAAPG is pleased to announce the first in its new series of educational webinars called “The truth about Professional Guardianship Abuse”. This series of informative webinars is intended to serve as an educational resource for current and potential future victims of abusive Probate Court [- more...]

Judge ordered Isolation–a travesty

February 16, 2020 // 0 Comments

Isolation of family members from loved ones is one of the  greatest illustrations of how judges in Probate Equity courts have miserably failed to do their jobs. I recently had the opportunity to listen to testimony given to a subcommittee of the Florida legislature by unelected officials in charge of Post guardianship imposition of investigations and stewardship over the horribly broken guardianship program in the state of Florida. In their remarks they repeatedly mentioned they were on the [- more...]