Some hard realities we must now disclose.

As we watch victims from every corner of America plead for our help day after day; as we watch  judges make a mockery of justice in probate courts around the country; as lives and fortunes are demolished on the altar of voracious greed; as we witness the rapidly accelerating erosion of trust in our bedrock institutions of law we cannot help but come to some alarming conclusions.
Now, we must stand and state for all to realize that:
1. Juryless probate guardianship proceedings are illegal, but are being masqueraded by the wealth extractors as constitutional due process, in order to steal the assets of innocent American citizens in contravention of law.
2. Essentially all state probate court guardianship proceedings are being carried out illegally and without jurisdiction.
3. The having knowledge of this wrongdoing, and failing to take appropriate action is a crime in and of itself.
4. All knowledge of such wrongdoing and suspected wrongdoing are the jurisdiction of the local grand jury panels of the applicable district/state/territory. American citizens have the absolute right and obligation to report these wrongdoings directly to these grand jury panels, as well as to any governmental agency. Any obstruction of these types of lawfully mandated reports are a Federal & State offense, Obstruction of justice, jury witness & evidence tampering.
The startling truth is that for decades innocent older Americans have been raped and pillaged under color of Law by an out of control segment of the elite court insider class who have abused the sacred but misplaced immunity they enjoy. They have perverted our laws and bent them to their greedy and criminal will. They have betrayed their oath, their profession and their country. They have committed heinous crimes and even resorted to torture to suppress exposure of their sadistic behavior.
Unless we rise up as one to combat this legalised cult of predation none of us is safe.
More to come.