Reports from Around the Country on Guardianship

Guardianship Abuse is attracting more and more attention in numerous States
Here, supplied by Attorney Kendra Cooper, are links to reports from Massachusetts, Maine and Georgia.1. Final Report of the Maine AG’s  Task Force on Financial Exploitation of the Elderly March 11, 2015  ( 16 pages) Massachusetts Special Commission on Elder Protective Services  Report  of Recommendations to the General Court October 23, 2014  (32 pages)

3. Proposed 2015 legislation Georgia HB 72 ( by Rep. Wendell Willard — Republican from Sandy Springs) would tighten Georgia’s elder abuse law and contains a racketeering provision that would enable prosecutors to pursue organizations or individuals who work together to target senior’s assets. I don’t know the status of the bill now but if racketeering is not being used at the Federal level to stop elder abuse, passage of legislation at state level would help. This link brings you to the proposed bill.