Report Ward Abuse (FLORIDA)


The Guardianship industry is very powerful and can destroy a life in no time. The predators know every trick in the book–this is how they make their fortunes.

They claim judicial immunity and routinely defame and destroy anyone who tries to defend a loved one.

But you can take steps to lessen the likelihood they will destroy you and your loved one.

Be aware that the Court process can be stopped at least for a while by entering an Appeal of any ruling from the Court. This has the effect of freezing the process until the appeal can be heard. Talk to a competent lawyer about this.

15 Non Lawyer Immediate Steps to Take

At the first moment of awareness or suspicion of any type of  activity, court actions, or abuse relating to guardians and wards, families and advocates should immediately take action. Immediately.

There are procedures in place that allow reports of guardianship abuses at various levels of State government.

While there has been historically little in the way of meaningful response, submitting an entire series of complaints to all the various agencies is preferable to piecemeal complaints over time.

Documentation of these complaints can be used as evidence in hearings as well.

If you become aware of abuse, click on these hyperlinks (underlined)

1. FIRST PLEASE Sign up to subscribe to AAAPG if you have not already done so. Please document your complaints by completing our online report filing at

2.  send a formal complaint outlining the specific guardian violations of

FL Statute 744  and FL Statute 825

to the Office of Public & Professional Guardians

or create your own and send it by

email at [email protected].

Phone toll-free at: 1-855-305-3030
Fax  1-850-414-2384
Address 4040 Esplanade Way Tallahassee, FL 32399-7000

3. lodge a formal abuse complaint by Fax with DCFS

or online at

4.  lodge a complaint with AHCA about the facility and/or hospital

5. lodge a formal complaint about the misdeeds of the Judge with the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission at

6.  lodge a complaint about Physician ( especially examining committee members) misconduct with

The Florida Board of Medicine

7. Complaints about Nurses and other licensed health care providers like social worker and LPN’s and CNA’s go to

Florida Healthcare Complaint Portal

8.  file a Bar complaint against the lawyer(s) with the Florida Bar

Click on “Regulation” and then “Lawyer Conduct” once at the Florida Bar’s website.
The Client Assistance program is called the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP). ACAP is the department that handles client

ACAP Hotline – (866) 352-0707.
The Florida Bar
651 E. Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300
(850) 561-5600

referencing specific violations of Code of Lawyer Ethics

9. formally complain to the VA about diversion of VA benefits using the OIG’s

VA Complaint Form if your loved one is entitled to VA benefits

10. to complain to the Social Security Administration about improper diversion of SSA benefits

at the first hint of guardianship–time is of the essence –you need to get there before the guardian does

Go to your local SSA Office which can be found and immediately apply to be “representative payee” for your loved one

Then submit a report to SSA Inspector General’s Complaint Department about the diversion of your loved one’s benefits into the hands of the guardian

11. VERY IMPORTANT  go to your local police and file a criminal complaint that alleges elder abuse including financial and elder abuse, isolation of a vulnerable senior and request a grand jury indictment to criminally prosecute those involved with abduction, kidnapping, hostage taking (18USCS1201) and slavery in violation of the 4th,5th,13th,14th Bill of Rights. Do not take no for an answer. You will be rejected at first by being told this is a civil matter, but reference FL Statute 744  and FL Statute 825 to show that this type elder abuse is a felony.

click to see an example of criminal complaint

12. contact and copy your State Representatives and State Senators with all your complaints

13. CRITICALLY IMPORTANT  share your story with media including your local TV and Radio stations news departments, local newspaper news reporters

14. YOU NEED to keep copies of everything you send out

15. YOU NEED to follow up on every complaint and report to be sure they are not ignored or overlooked

This entire process can be done in one day since much the information is repetitive, but the time you spend is well worth the trouble.