Preliminary AAAPG 2016 Survey Results

Selected Early 2016 Survey Results

These comments are from victims who answered the question:


Is there anything you could have done to prevent a guardianship?
No, I did everything I could to get my father back.
move out of this country
No, I never heard of such a thing.
Left the state before the so-called medical evaluation.
No, I was advised by an attorney to apply for guardianship.
Yes….would’ve let my mother and convicted felon boyfriend suit me in civil court
no. We just needed help to stop people tormenting my parents to have them give up their assets. It was a KNOWN back story that many and important people people have knowledge about. That THIS guardianship that has injured, drugged and crippled my mother would happen is unbelievable. An immigrant, hard working, fair,non judgemental person …..
I should have had better financial plans for my personal life. A good retirement income was not sufficient. I should never have gone to my personal attorney for financial advice. I should have obtained another lawyer for the actions being taken against me by my personal lawyer in probate court.
Instead of taking the advice of my crooked lawyer, Warren Brams,I could have sought further advice from a better lawyer, such as Amy Beller, who honestly informed ( too late) one of my relatives that there is no way to defend a Petition such as the one dropped on my husband by his own children until the Adjudication Hearing . Instead, my crooked,lawyer Warren Brams, who never even gave me a Representation Agreement, kept talking of “a big money trial” which never happened, but it cost just as much to end up settling. The split-guardianship result actually protected me when the Guardian of the Property and Income (selected by my step-children) exonerated me from the wrong-doing that they accused me of perpetrating on my husband ‘s assets. It was very nasty.
Yes, eloped & got power of attorney and changed his last name.
1. Do not go to Halifax Hospital psych department, that is where it starts, they drug them up on Halidol shots to make them bad and force them to have a guardian . 2. Do Not use the court appointed attorney. They tried to get my father too and force a court appointed attorney on him. I called 35 attorneys and found one at the last minute who did help us in the beginning, but now he isn’t helping like in the beginning. Also the court appointed attorney that Judge McFerrin Smith tried to force on my father three times, Michael Rodriquez,(who also told me I would have a hard time trying to find an attorney to help us in this town), I could tell he wasn’t going to fight for my father and that he must have been paid by someone . My father and I were in a bad accident in Aug. 2016 and Mr. Rodriguez was there , coincidence or planned? 3. Insist on everything being recorded. I was told that Probate works differently someone is in the room and rights down what they feel is important. Everything we said was one line sentence written on the paper. I feel that they were just covering themselves for the truth.
Declare Mom incapacitated and take over as POA forcefully. I did not want to hurt her feelings. I had no idea what a conservator was.
I was taken for a abusive, roller coaster. Judges and attorney’s do not care about my Mom or her well being. Very upsetting and abusive.
I would have been held in contempt and possibly arrested if I had not opened the door to that professional guardian lady when she came with the cops to fetch my mother, Betty, on the afternoon of September 18, 2015. I demanded to see and copy the “judges orders” that that guardian woman flashed at the paramedics, but she refused to even show the document to me. If I had slammed the door on her, the cops with her would probably have called in a hostage situation; I might have been under siege by S.W.A.T. But I opted to just cooperate and let the paramedics whisk my mother off to have a Florida Hospital emergency room physician’s examination . I drove behind the ambulance, saw my mother and my hostile sisters at the emergency room, left the three of them to visit for awhile (my mother had dementia kicking in fairly bad on that day, so I gave the sisters “space”), and waited in the lobby . But the damn guardian and the sisters went out the rear of the ER facility along with my mother to her new unit: a Cornerstone Hospice, Inc. room. Without my knowledge; my consent was moot by then, since I was stripped of guardianship for petty reasons. I was Blacklisted from the Cornerstone Hospice unit for 72 hours (for “cooling off” reasons–but I was never angry, nor disoriented), but by the time I was granted access to visit it was too late. Betty Boggs died on Sept. 27, 2015. Nine days inside the hospice, being drugged.
if I was there when it was started and was informed
There was nothing that I could have done once the process began, but I have learned things that might have stopped it before it started had I know then what I know now.
Been better informed of the entire process
because i was denied legal help;i did go to the essex county court house;and asked help.i was assigned to attorney roy b.greenman;(still has office in Union,N.J. he filed in essex county court asking legal help for me.judge alexander j. matturi denied his motion.i have papers to prove i filed;pro se;from 1978 to 2000;all were dismissed.
never taken a fiduciary role
Knowledge of the process beforehand
Tried, and did it legally and Florida illegally snatched my Father from a NC Hospital k
Not taken my Aunt Rita Cole to Any Lawyer!
Yes, and have. The advocacy efforts I lead in Nevada gained the freedom of over 30 wards who were fraudulently conscripted and several families who were coached on how and why you must stay out of family court and guardianship all together.
Nothing legal or moral could be done. My brother was abusing, not allowing her to have medications or visit her doctor, and isolating mom. This began in Indiana but came to the courts in Florida. She is finally back in Seymour, Indiana where it all started.
Accept POA and HCP before she lost the ability to speak. I had declined her offer because I felt the family would resent it
Code enforcement abused my uncle Emery, a US NAVY VETERAN, A LONG TIME US POSTAL SERVICE, A LOVING HUSBAND TO JOY, AND A PROUD TALL STRONG MENSCH. Roberto Roig and the other Hispanic county code enforcement scumbags were OUT TO GET THE GRINGO! There was nothing seriously wrong with his house.
Never agree to put my son’s PI settlement into a conservatorship. Originally in1985 I was appointed his guardian at litem and his money was a monthly annuity for life without a court order. 1999 I was lead to believe by Christopher Poulos probate attorney that it was best to do a conservatorship. It wasn’t explained to me that the courts would now be in control. Huge mistake.
No, my aunt was too far advanced in Alzheimer’s and did not have a will or POA. In our case, family members were co-guardians. Judge Colin was exceptionally rude to us and made us feel that we should not be guardians. By the way, I should mention that neither my mother nor I charged fees for other services even though Lawyer Hark strongly encouraged us to do so. All 3 lawyers caused us to receive delinquent notices from the court which, in hind sight, could have been to assign the judge ‘s wife as guardian.
Yes, gotten accurate, complete LEGAL advice from my mother’s own attorney.
No, it was a done deal
Respect the Ward’s will and Power of Attorney
No. I did not know that guardianship fraud even existed until after the fact. The hospital involved in this superseded the Durable POA that my mom had assigned to me early on. Took her in to their custody without my knowledge or consent. Per court files I was libeled and my medical privacy violated by the DHSS worker assigned to my mom’s case. Physician’s medical chart note “discharging Pt (patient) to home and daughter” was followed by “hotlining to state” (I was never notified by DHSS of any hotline complaint). The hospital also refused my request/legal right for a 2nd opinion doctor after my mom was taken into custody; they also refused me my legal right to schedule a meeting with her assigned physician that also noted two false diagnoses, one to get her into hospital custody and the other one to keep her there.
Impossible. The system, i.e., judges, lawyers and fiduciaries, were all out for the take, and they get it. If you can’t afford justice, you’re not entitled to it .
No. All agencies and court officials were biased or blockaded any efforts for proper intervention and prevention of guardianship for Brandon Bridges, POA and Emergency Conservator.
Yes move my mother out of the USA as she requested but due to threats by lawyers this was not done Petitioned the Hague Court for International protection as State and Federal Courts failed to do in California
I tried to work with my siblings, but they were determined to control my dad’s money , against his wishes. They unjustly sold his farm when his Will said his farm was not to be sold; they sent him to a condo where he is miserable. My dad’s initial attorney should have had us take my dad for an opposing medical evaluation; that is how we could have prevented this, but I did not know. My dad’s second set of attorneys had medical evidence that a guardianship was not needed, but they withdrew their motion to have him released from guardianship.
my four POA’s were voided without due process. It would have been helpful to know that this horrific scheme existed.
Public Administrator told me to file to be my mom’s Guardian
No. No one in the elder’s family was notified that there was going to be an emergency temporary guardianship hearing even though there was contact information available for all family members. No family members were represented in the initial hearing . ETG was supposed to be person only but they redirected my father’s social security benefits and Veteran’s aid and attendance to themselves. All my father wanted was to live at home with his family for the remainder of his life.
Yes. I had planned to move and/or help to take care of both my parents I have the training and hadbresouces available tp accomplish taking care of all there needs .
Should have seen the sign one family member wanted all assets . who would have thought .
No, I was not involved in initiating the petition to have my uncle deemed incapacitated . I’m sure my uncle must have had power of attorney and advanced directive paperwork , but the family didn’t know where it was. My cousins petitioned for guardianship of my uncle, against the wishes of my uncle and my uncle’s best friend. My uncle ‘s best friend, Bob, was helping my uncle recover from a debilitating stroke. These cousins were not my uncle’s children for clarification.
No. Scott had been threatening to sue for a couple of years for guardianship
Yes. Never go to COURT trying to get assistance. Demand Mediation for family.
No, since I don’t control other people. My mom has been isolated since this started and not allowed to see any other family members except one other daughter and her family and the guardian’s immediately family, which my mom doesn’t like any of them because they treat her terrible!!! She’s not even allowed to see her two newest great grandsons and tells us she is praying to die and that it is illegal to treat elderly people like this. My mom was a military wife of 22 years being treated like this!! She said Texas may as well line old people up and shoot them, it would be more humane then this!!!
Move back to Nebraska, and fight non-blood relative who stole, and alienated direct family. Elderly abuse investigated and found nothing in abuse. I did, pilfering added up to about $200k. Trying go to make someone listen, she stole, and continues to steal even at my dads recent passing.
I tried everything and I knew it was going to happen because the judge incapacitates people unfairly and steals their property – I will fight forever against this illegal immoral and blatantly abusive system that enriched the wealthy and disenfranchises the poor or makes you poor when you try to protect those who are abused.
No not with the Judge involved in this case. She refused to listen to any of the facts, any of the proof he was being abused mentally and physically by his guardian . We have tried to get this judge removed from this case and was unable to.
No. It seems to have been done secretly as there is no public record but there is an entry in public record that indicates a possible guardianship.
Denied temporary guardianship but was blindsided.The Courts, Attorneys, Guardian Ad Litems, Private Guardians acting as officers of the court.
I initiated the Guardianship proceedings at the advice of my attorney, Robert Graham ; I should have insisted on more conversation with my brothers prior to starting the legal proceedings
Only had we known that this crime existed – then yes. I was a District Court Clerk , a licensed private investigator for criminal defense attorneys and worked at the U.S. Attorney’s Office – I had never heard of this crime.
We could have dealt with the family conflict rather than turning for help from attorneys who sold us on guardianship.
No. My aunt had the majority of her assets in a trust. That did not stop anyone .
Kidnap dad and bring him back to North Carolina without challenging the landlord when we discovered she was forging his signature and stolen $220,000 from him.
If I had known about guardianship, I would have taken my Mom to Guatemala to live out her days happily in the beautiful Colonial courtyard gardens surrounded by nature. She would have had fresh fruit and vegetables and she would have been surrounded by people who would have taken wonderful, loving care of her. So, my greatest regret of my life is that I had NO IDEA of the Guardianship racket, the disgustingly immoral probate court, the utter crookedness of the lawyers and guardians who plan and execute these schemes. It must end.
Left the state without notice
No. The Judge refused to listen or consider anythinfnmy sister and I said or tried to show to the court.
Be broke
The estate of a disabled person must be dispersed if they become incapacitated. Then we would have had our share to keep our parents in their home as long as possible and the greedy siblings would have gotten the share they went to court to get That is the only way to protect the elderly from these greedy pathological liars .
When VA demanded a conservatorship for my parents lawyer Drew Johnson should have insisted my parents trust and directives was adequate protection.
No, this action was brought on by a daughter that was angry when she got caught opening credit cards in my name and I turned her and her partner in to the police .
Never get anywhere near a court house. Move to another country before we even know GDNships existed. In other words– NO
I don’t believe so. Maybe kept her at home instead of moving her into assisted living? Not tried to move her out of assisted living when I witnessed a nurse deliberately grab her by the shoulders and forcibly shove her to the ground?
No. My mother had all her estate planning documents done by a reputable attorney . Including a declaration of guardianship naming her now guardian as ineligible . The judge ignored it.
Ignored my parent’s last wishes and allow my sister to steal all the money. She wouldn’t stop insisting on being put on all accounts and refused me visitation with my stepfather. She lived in his home and took over as if it was her personal home .
Still working on it. These are GAL for children, not elderly but they tie into the whole network of corrupt guardians, lawyers and judges involved and should be included in any studies you present to any parties as valid guardianship issues . These cases involve fraudulent documents, predatory guardianships made in evidentiary (not GAL) hearings and more that is all still in play.
No, we tried everything possible. Aileen was locked into a Dementia Ward, based on the opinions of Commissioner Valente (who was on the state guardianship board and ran the Spokane County Superior Court Guardianship Monitoring Program in Spokane County) Spurgetis had an excellent reputation in the community and the guardianship and placement against her will and the law in a Dementia Ward was best situation . I was Aileen’s Financial Power of Attorney, another Judge upheld the Power of Attorney as valid. Commissioner Valente dismissed the POA when the guardianship was initiated. Marilyn Kinney’s (Aileen’s daughter) health was severely impacted by the guardianship process and the inability to free her mother. She died November 28, 2011 and Aileen died while locked in a Dementia Ward against her will and the law on May 14, 2012. So within a 6 month period myself and my children lost both my mother and my grandmother who were basically the last of our family. My brother is deceased (at a young age), all of our grandparents and parents are also deceased .
No, absolutely not. My mom distrusted me, her only relative in town. some paranoia is common in early dementia. But it made it impossible for me to care for her and my dad. The police, CYFD (Children Youth and Family Department)accepted her suspicions of me, Decades was making a mint exploiting her, the AG couldn’t act, there was a state agency to prevent financial abuse – it couldn’t act, the county district attorney wouldn’t act. The veil of privacy (supposedly protecting the “protected person” from scrutiny) in New Mexico is a vault protecting the ones exploiting, abusing, and defrauding the elderly. Privacy is protecting the predators in New Mexico. I would love to be able to help change this situation for other families .
In retrospect no, the outcome would be the same no matter how prepared you are because they all work as a team giving the illusion of a fair playing field. When in fact it is collusion of professionals and robbing of estates.
I filled for emergency guardianship because drug addicted brother was financially exploiting my mother. My petition was denied. Judge said ‘too much animosity between the two brothers.” Appointed Catholic Charities of the Palm Beaches. Judges cronies
No, not with the frauduent system and bad actors (especially attorneys) pervading and controlling the system.
My child is disabled and bipolar. I have been guardian for over 20 years. The court has been actively trying to remove me but the ad Litem just said after 5 months and thousands of dollars and isolating my child and putting my child on a drug known to cause her trouble that the ad Litem’s case is hearsay so she will request dismissal but make herself look good in the process so that the court continues to use her. I have been advocating for my child’s Rights of the Ward for these 5 months and meeting judges and legislators regarding the illegality of this abhorant behavior of the ad Litem. I have not told you anything of her over-riding me in all healthy aspects of proper care for my child from medication to receiving water and preventing me from seeing the medical records and Activities for Daily Living saying that I will use them in court against her, the ad Litem! All of this is illegal and I am not going to stop fighting this dangerous criminal behavior against our clearly unprotected population. Just so you know, my child has no estate but there must be something in it for the court to do this. The ad Litem said she is the support of her family and she is paying for her husband’s surgeries. Also , the group homes make between 6,000 and 20,0000+ paid by the government for ‘caring ‘ for the disabled. The more disabled, the more money they are given. My child functions well until ‘care-takers’ mess with her medications. The ad Litem allowed the hospital to override their records to put her on a medication that is harmful to her and therefore Made her crazy for about 3 weeks until I could force someone to change her medications back to her working medications. I am furious past words and will not stop exposing this ongoing abuse of disabled. I do Not think it is just my state. Who can fight for the disabled? Relatively few have the funds and knowledge to do so, that is why the abuse continues.
No I did EVERTHING! It was pretty decided!
No, A few family members tried to take all of the assets. After conferring with multiple lawyers that was the recommendation. I did not however know the close ties between Judge Martin Colin, Hazeltine and Savitt.
This wasn’t a guardianship it was exploiting a senior and the courts assisting hiding , and denying due possess. Only the Judge and attorneys won, I have all the documents to prove the corrupt system.
I took care of my dying mother, my schizophrenic/paranoid/delusional sister who I had to commit. I have never gotten over the guilt feelings of committing her. Then my father was dying and I took care of him. I was physically disabled and had untreated depression as I had money for my retirement. After my father died, the predators moved in. My friend got me out of their home, and I move in with a very nice lady whose daughter yelled and found fault with everything I did. At this point, I think I had a small nervous breakdown, and crisp put me in assisted living in Daytona Beach. I was functional and had no reason to be in there. I did not know that I could say No to being thrown away in a stinking home. He even tried to take all my furniture. So, no, I was in no mind set to say no because they scared me that the scammers would come back and take money. They said I needed protection from the scammers. I, at this point, was terrified of the scammers. I should have been terrified of the lawyers and the guardian.
if there were ethical lawyers who had morals and fought for victims as if their own family were inthe mess maybe A competent Lawyer would have said no to the Voluntary guardianship and explained the consequenses and stood by the Parents choice of who would best care for him/her. The guardians are vultures feeding on carcesses or pigs feeding at the trough with no oversight…once in your yard they never leave. As a daughter I had lovingly cared for my mother with Parkinsons, and then my father. Florida needs to mandate a sit down with family before ever heading to the revolving glass door of the Courthouse with no EXIT. In guardianship there are onnly 2 decisions for the evalutors (owned by the court) Fully incapoacitated or Partially Incapacitated there is no THIRD choice that allows you to maintain your civil rights
No these corrupt attorneys, judges, and court auditors rubber stamped the guardian ‘s billing and ignore that the guardian’s do not pay for the wards welfare! Last is the corrupt elected State officials and the State of Florida Legislature who continue to ignore the rights of the incapacitate wards and allow the most unethical , abusive, people to cause financial and mental harm to those that cannot protect themselves. The guardian’s and their attorneys STEAL the wards estate which was suppose to be handed down intergenerationally….