Pennsylvania: a tale of two guardianships

Gavel, money, a calculator and cash Gavel, money, a calculator and cash

From Rebel Pundit’s Michael Volpe comes a detailed of two different guardianships, both gone horribly awry.  Both guardianships, while involving two unrelated families, occurred in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania’s Orphan’s Court, in front of Judge Stanley Ott.  Both guardianships were awarded by Judge Ott to frequent court-appointee, attorney Diane Zabowski, in direct contradiction to existing Power of Attorney, Wills, and other requests that the ward be represented by counsel of their own choosing.

Guardianship Abuse Spreads to Pennsylvania – Part 1 details the case of Taisha Lee, seeking justice for her grandmother Jannie Myers. Judge Ott dismissed and over-ruled Ms. Myers valid Will and had her put under court-ordered guardianship, against the family’s wishes.

Guardianship Abuse Spreads to Pennsylvania – Part 2 reveals the case of F. Harvey Whitten, placed under guardianship by Judge Ott who ignored Mr. Whitten’s valid pre-need directives naming his long-time companion Robert Sprau in favor his court-appointee.

In both the Whitten and the Lee/Myers cases Judge Ot eschewed the written requests of the family and ordered Diane Zabowski to act as counsel.