Orlando Event Rescheduled for NOVEMBER 4, 2019

UPDATED 9-05-19




POSTPONED – Due to Hurricane Dorian

Rescheduled for Novmber 4, 2019



International Award-winning documentary “The Guardians” comes to Orlando


FREE public event: Guardianship Awareness Town Hall


Special Announcement at 3 PM

Imagine a system of justice in this country that routinely strips citizens of their Constitutional rights, voids their existing legal documents, gives others the right to spend their money and sell their assets, isolates them, and often put limits the time they can spend with their loved ones and shortens their lives significantly.


This is reality for millions of Americans who have been placed into court ordered  guardianships, including as many as 65,000 Floridians who are deemed “wards of the state.”  Due to longer American life spans and the “silver tsunami” of an aging US population with 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, the number of “incapacitated” wards is increasing at a rate of 10% annually. Deemed the crime of the century, current figures show that guardianship abuse has become an over $1 trillion national market; a heinous “cottage industry” waging war against vulnerable adults and their families– all in the name of greed.


“Abusive guardianships are on the rise and for families of victims trapped in this opaque and highly intrusive dystopic legal system, the abuse and vilification victims and families suffer at the hands of predatory court insiders as has been exposed by the Orlando Sentinel as “Central Florida’s Guardianship Scandal” is unspeakable”, says Dr. Sam J. Sugar, founder of Ft. Lauderdale-based Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship (AAAPG), the organizer of this event.

The Movie and Town Hall–the entire event is FREE to attend


November 4, 2019  

3:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Marriott Orlando Airport Lakeside

7499 Augusta National Drive

Orlando, FL 32822


“The recurring M.O. in these cases is vilify,litigate,medicate, isolate, take the estate” continues Dr. Sugar, a Florida licensed M.D., a Certified Florida Probate Court Examiner and author of “Guardianships and the Elderly-The Perfect Crime” (a 2018 Amazon #1 Best New Release.)


at 3 PM AAAPG will announce the inauguration of the Adult Guardianship Review and Advisory Board for Florida.

The 3:15-5 PM session features the jaw-dropping and unnerving full length documentary “The Guardians” making its Orlando debut. With all the trappings of a Hollywood movie – kidnapping, corruption, lies, theft, and deceit –  producer Billie Mintz has poignantly brought to the big screen the reality of daily life for many elderly people caught up in America’s corrupt state court systems.  This award winning 2018 documentary depicts true stories of Las Vegas, NV seniors with guardians who are forcibly removing them from their homes, isolating them from families and emptying their bank accounts. This is a film where the phrase ‘seeing is believing’ has never rung more true.

Break from 4:45 to 5:30 PM–Book signing and sales

Dr. Sugar will be joined during the 5:30 PM session by media, agency officials, elected leaders and national guardianship and elder justice experts discussing critical information that individuals and family members need to know to prevent guardianships and protect the rights of themselves and their loved ones.  Topics will include new federal legislation, coping with unrelenting stress and dealing with the isolation, litigation, over-medication and estate liquidation so often seen in abusive guardianships across the country.

Reservations required.

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Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship–AAAPG

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