Opinion: To Florida Gov Rick Scott – Thank you may not be enough

Thank you may not be enough

Last night Gov. Rick Scott of the great state of Florida did something that no other governor in this country has done to date. He demonstrated his sincere and abiding concern for the welfare of the citizens of the State of Florida. He took a courageous position to override the petty, banal, greedy, illegitimate business as usual attitude of others in elected office who are content to continue to look the other way as innocent victims of Florida’s deep dark dirty secret of abusive guardianship are financially fleeced, emotionally destroyed and reduced to subhuman pieces of chattel owned by unlicensed , untrained “professional” guardians– some of whom have proven to be the most sadistic, immoral and sociopathic individuals in our society. As this racket — and make no mistake this is a court approved racket in every sense of the word —metastasizes from County to County,– the number of professional guardians has grown in the last 12 years from 23 to 460– individuals and families who’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, are seized into servitude in which horrible physical, emotional, financial, moral and legal abuse are perpetrated on our most vulnerable citizens and those who love them.

In a line item veto that might easily be overlooked if you weren’t paying close attention (Page 3, Line 414 of this PDF), our brave Gov. Rick Scott with one sweep of his sharpie said enough. In vetoing a three-quarter million-dollar request for extra funding of the Lutheran family services guardianship program, a program that has been repeatedly demonstrated by the press to be self dealing, abusive and at odds with the intent of Florida’s guardianship protection laws, the Governor has followed through with his signature on our AAAPG house HB 5 which goes into law on July 1 and makes guardianship abuse for the first time in the history of this state a felony.

Our rapidly growing grassroots network of families and victims of these guardianship abuses will continue to press forward for meaningful guardianship reforms. We will continue to demand answers from a completely non-responsive Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the state of Florida, from an arrogant and self-serving Judicial Qualifications Commission, and from and from a completely unapproachable Attorney General of the state of Florida all of whom have long possessed complete knowledge of the abuses and crimes perpetrated against our vulnerable elderly but have failed to lift a finger in their defense. We will establish a meaningful dialogue with states attorneys throughout the country and demand to know why the very system intended to protect our vulnerable elderly from abuse. We will demand access to secret records which have been hidden from the public to cover up the endless litany of guardianship abuse that has befouled out state.

We will continue to demand transparency from the elected officials who have failed in their primary responsibility to protect vulnerable seniors. Working in Florida, we will demand accountability from the Dept. of Children and Families and the Dept. of Adult Protective Services who have failed miserably at every turn to provide the protection our loved ones have earned. We will demand accountability from the financial institutions who have raped estate after estate with staged litigation and illegitimate seizure of assets.

We will pursue the Florida Bar Association until it can answer how it has allowed our beloved senior citizens to become so abuse by members of the Florida bar including, most disturbingly, those ultimately responsible for guardianship abuse, namely elected probate judges throughout the state who think nothing of destroying lives, ignoring the laws, smashing advance directives and in general acting with an imperious attitude that they know better than family what the ward wants.

But for today, let us pause to say thank you and God Bless you Governor Scott.

Sam J Sugar MD
Founder AAAPG
[email protected]
855 913 5337 x 101