Open Letter to Judge Jeffrey J. Colbath Palm Beach Florida

Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship

New address

5630 Oaktree Ave

Hollywood FL 33312

[email protected]




Honorable Jeffrey J Colbath

County Government Office

205 N Dixie Hwy

West Palm Beach, FL 33401




As you may know the group I founded several years ago,, has been heavily involved with matters related to systemic abuses in Probate matters in Florida Courts. We are the driving force behind several new Florida reform statutes.


The actions of Palm Beach County Judges have been particularly egregious as was pointed out so dramatically by the series in the Palm Beach Post with which I was intimately involved. Judges Colin and French and Guardian Betsy Savitt have tainted the court and led to a severe lack of trust among the public that undermines the Court’s credibility and legitimacy.


Your response to this obscene scandal of abuse and conflict of interest as Chief Judge was extremely disappointing. From the numerous options available to you from temporary removal from the bench to at the very least an honest investigation of the blatant abusive enrichment of the judge through the fees of his wife, you chose to almost secretly announce a transfer of Judge Colin to Civil Court.


You chose to allow Savitt to continue her criminal activity without a slap on the wrist even though her exploits in your court have been legendary for their disregard for the law and for the welfare of her wards. Judge French has utterly failed to supervise her in his Court and he receives absolutely no discipline from you.


I have received so many reports of widespread irregularities in your Courts in non-probate matters as well that scream out that there is a serious problem in Palm Beach County. You owe it to the legacy of your father, who by all accounts was a good and fair Judge to prove to the public that you will not stand for such corruption and abuse.


I challenge you to step up and take the steps needed to restore confidence in your courts. Please govern yourself accordingly.


Our group will support you in every possible way.


Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter


Sam Sugar MD

Founder AAAPG