Nevada: Las Vegas Guardianship Abuse and Judicial Reform Local Media Publications:

KTNV ABC Channel 13 Action News KTNV ABC Channel 13 Action News

2015 Las Vegas Guardianship Abuse and Judicial Reform Local Media Publications:


KTNV ABC News – Newly Formed Guardianship Commission Members Announced  6/26/15

LasVegasReviewJournal Panel Appointed Improve Clark County Troubled Guardianship System  6/26/15

KTNV ABC News – Guardianship Judge Allows Daughter into Dads Life  6/25/15

KTNV ABC News – Guardianship Hearing Master Continues to Rule  6/17/15

KTNV ABC News – Family Free at Last From Guardianship  6/12/15

KTNV ABC News – Guardianship Commission Created to Overhaul Flawed System  6/9/15

KTNV ABC News – New Guardianship Law Supports Families First 6/2/2015

KTNV ABC News – Boulder City Police Investigate Guardianship Abuse 6/1/15

TheVegasVoice – June 2015, pg 5-7

May and Earlier

KTNV ABC News – Major Overhaul in Guardianship Court 5/21/15

KTNV ABC News – Couple Liberated from Guardianship System 5/20/15

KTNV ABC News – Families Want to See Change in Guardianship Court 5/19/15

KTNV ABC News – Care Center was Nursing Home Nightmare 5/8/15

KTNV ABC News – State Aging and Disability Services Takes Action on Guardianship Problems 5/6/15

KTNV ABC News – Guardian Gouging? 5/5/15

KTNV ABC News – County Leaders Hear more about Potential Abuse in Guardianship System 5/5/15

KTNV ABC News – Clark County Commissioners Blast Guardianship System 4/21/15

KTNV ABC News – Family Takes Guardianship Concerns to Carson City 3/13/15

KTNV ABC News – Valley Man Wrestles with Guardianship 3/6/15

KTNV ABC News – Family Speaks out Against Guardianship 2/2/15

LasVegasTribune – Chief Judge Barker Courts Disaster  6/5/15

LasVegasTribune-Hearing Master Turns Lamb  5/30/15
LasLegasTribune-Fox Guards Chicken Coop 5/18/15

LasVegasTribune-What’s Blue Ribbon Panel?  5/13/15

LasVegasTribune-Pressure is On 5/7/15

LasVegasTribune-On the Job and not Backing Down 4/30/15

LasVegasTribune-Commissioners Give Hope to Seniors 4/24/2015

LasVegasTribune-More Action Needed in Public Guardian Office  4/23/15

TheVegasVoice – May 2015, pg 21-24

TheVegasVoice – Getting Results in Carson City

TheVegasVoice – Senior Eyes Radio, 5 Segments on Guardianship Abuse

TheVegasVoice – March 2015, pg 5-7

TheVegasVoice – February 2015, pg 5-7

TheVegasVoice – January 2015

TheVegasVoice – 95 year old WWII Hero Liberated from Exploiter Guardian Jared Shafer Celebrates New Year 1/10/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Chief Judge Removes Embattled Judge and Hearingmaster from Guardianship Oversight 5/21/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Judges Should Enforce Nevada’s Existing Guardianship Laws 5/7/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice Demands Statewide Review of Guardianships 5/2/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Editorial, Guarding the Guardians 4/26/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Clark County Commissioners Appalled by Guardianship 4/21/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Chief Judge Vows to Improve Guardianship Process 4/17/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Lawmakers Working to Protect Weakest Citizens 4/13/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Guardianship problems widely reported but seldom Investigated 4/11/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Old Soldier Trapped in Guardian System  4/11/15

LasVegasReviewJournal-Private Guardians may just Steal and Abuse  4/11/15

LasVegasSun-Editorial, Time to License Audit Court Appointed Guardians

LasVegasSun-County Commission Probing Frightening Abuses by Guardians

Steve Miller 4 Las Vegas-Shafer Financial Records and Public Service April 2015

AmericanMafia InsideVegas-Another Norheim Appointed Guardian Charged with Exploitation 11/17/14

AmericanMafia InsideVegas-Shafer’s Laws Legalize Bilking 9/8/14