Nevada: Hotline & email to report guardianship abuse for Clark County, NV

AAAPG wants to point out the great strides Nevada has taken in just the first 4 months of 2015 in cleaning up the national disgrace of Guardianship Abuse, beginning with the removal of a private, for-profit guardian from the directory published by Nevada Division of Aging in Disability Services.

The removal of the guardian from the directory, which effectively disallows her to be a guardian, is part of new hotline & email established by Clark County, Nevada. The hot line number to report Guardianship Abuse in Clark County is (702) 671-4614 or The Nevada state-wide phone number to report abuse of an elderly person is (888) 729-0571, a toll-free call.  There is also a state-wide website, Nevada Cares Connection, a “one-stop resource for caregivers, seniors, families, and individuals with disabilities.”

Many of these initiatives are a result of local ABC News affiliate’s KTNV Contact 13 Investigations, who has been following the issue of Guardianship Abuse, especially in Clark County, (Las Vegas) Nevada for the past year. Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears has been especially helpful in researching and reporting on guardianship abuse in Nevada.

Additional media attention has been brought by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, who can be contacted via reporter Colton Lochhead at or 702-383-4638. Find him on Twitter: @ColtonLochhead.