Nevada: Clark County Family Court frees five wards from adult guardianship

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From Nevada resident and Guardian-Watcher Richard Black, AAAPG has received more good news concerning the release of 5 wards from Clark County’s adult guardianship program.  The wards owe their freedom to a burgeoning official investigation into the decades-long abuse of the Clark County Family Court adult guardianship program by Clark County Commissioner Jon Norheim, over seen by Judge Charles Hoskins. But as Richard Black point out, there is still much work to be done:

To Victim families, Media, Elder Protection Advocates, and Nevada Elected Officials,

Arline Shively, Elizabeth Indig, Rudy and Rennie North, and Delford Mencarelli have all been fully or partially freed from a fraudulent Clark County Family Court adult guardianship in the past month.  After 2 decades of systematic and organized exploitation of Clark County seniors, the court is beginning to protect the “person” according to Nevada law…as long as they have family able to spend the time and can afford the cost to petition the court.  Family and friends of Daniel Currie, Cazee Lewis, Phyllis Moskowitz Crowe, Ruth Braslow, and Delford Mencarelli continue to fight for their freedom.

Contrary to what the court has been telling the victims and the media, Judge Charles Hoskin will preside over a hearing for accounting and reporting by April Parks on a contested adult guardianship case on July 7, 2015 at 9am.  Judge Steel has recused herself from the case of Ruth Braslow and it has been transferred to Judge Hoskin.  We should all write a letter to Chief Justice James Hardesty, County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak and 8th District Chief Judge David Barker asking why Judge Hoskin is again hearing adult guardianship cases?

Larry Braslow, Ruth’s son, is objecting to the guardianship and the accounting.  He highlighted to the court the eerie similarities to the North’s case that Parks petitioned for Ruth’s guardianship.  Parks’ “Guardianship Grabbag” was lucrative.  Ruth owned a $275,000 home, a car, and at least a hundred thousand in finances.  Park’s guardianship petition was granted in 12 days with no hearing.  Friends objected in the permanent guardianship hearing but were denied by Commissioner Norheim as he defended testimony and affidavits by Ms. Parks and her accomplices Dr. Renee Ngo, MD and Nancy Schaper of Elder Protective Services.  Parks falsely claimed nobody knew where her two living sons (she listed “Alan” and with no address in the petition for guardianship) were living.  Parks proceeded to sell the home and contents and never advised the court that Ruth’s sons Larry and Alan cared about their mom…as would have been confirmed from the estate documents Parks gained from the home as she removed Ruth from her home and sent her to live at Lakeview Terrace in Boulder City. 

As usual Park’s accounting’s had no receipts to confirm any transactions, costs, or values.  Parks and the court have had a close relationship over the last 10 years.  Amazingly that relationship continues as she happily plies her trade with no apparent care that her actions violate Nevada law.  I guess the Clark County Family Court judges still agree breaking criminal statutes in family court is OK…as long as you’re a private guardian of their choosing.  Parks next hearing is tomorrow, July 2, when she defends her fraudulent sale of the home of Elizabeth Indig and its contents.

I sat in Judge Cynthia Dianne Steel’s courtroom 5 days in her first month in the job.  Although I am pleased with her attention to the law and commitment to protect the person, she has yet to take any steps to protect the remaining estates of the wards, demand restitution by the guardian, or reprimand or penalize the guardian for their actions.  In fact in each case the Report and Recommendation reads “At this time, although there have been no findings by the Court (April Parks, Helen Natko, etc…) acted inappropriately, Petitioner has been removed as guardian and (daughter, son, etc..) has been named as successor or co-guardian”.  The ward and families in the above four cases lost over $2,000,000 in the last 3 years because Judge Charles Hoskin and his hearingmaster, Commissioner Jon Norheim, intentionally conscripted these vulnerable elderly persons into private guardianships and completely removed their families from any ability to protect them and their estates. 

Below are the links to pieces published this year on guardianship abuse in Clark County Nevada.  We will continue our efforts to expose the fraudulent activities being endorsed by Clark County Family Court.  Have a wonderful 4th of July.  Let’s be mindful of the quote by Abraham Lincoln as we celebrate our precious freedom this weekend “The people (that refers to us!) of these United States are rightful masters of both Congresses and the courts.  Not to overthrow the Constitution…but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution”.  This may not be the constitution, but it surely applies to the judges assigned to adjudicate according to Nevada law and to protect the elderly.


Richard W. Black