National: Elder Home Facilities Gone Bankrupt in 2017

Bankruptcy claim Bankruptcy claim
by Juliette Fairley


Antigua Investments LLC is seeking to escape up to $10 million in liabilities, of which $1,017,195.96 is owed to Cottonport Bank and $250,000.00 to the IRS. Filed in the Western District of Louisiana, the chapter 11 petition was signed by Member and Manager Thomas E Cupples II, who was named in a 2015 lawsuit for allegedly violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. Other bankruptcy petitions signed and filed by Mr. Cupples on August 22 include Quality Home Health, Inc, Quality Home Health I LLC, Hospice Care of Avoyelles Parish LLC and Serenity Homecare, LLC, Central Louisiana Home Healthcare, LLC and Cupples Holdings, LLC.

Read the FLSA lawsuit here.

Texas RHH LLC sought a reprieve from up to $10 million in liabilities in the Northern District of Texas. The chapter 11 petition was signed by Member Misty Brady, who was sued for alleged tax lien fraud in a June 30, 2017 federal lawsuit after filing a personal bankruptcy petition in March 2017. Affiliate BP Chaney filed for bankruptcy on July 3.

Read the Maxus Healthcare Partners, LLC v. Brady complaint here

Red Rocks Nursing Operations, affiliates Bloomfield_Nursing_Operations_LLC and Casa Real Nursing Operations LLC sought protection from creditors in the Northern District of Texas Fort Worth. All three petitions were signed by Manager C. Kent Harrington who was jointly ordered to pay $1 million in criminal fines and penalties in the state of Missouri for allegedly failing to provide adequate care to the residents of five nursing homes, according to the FBI. Another $628,000 was assessed to resolve civil allegations that false and fraudulent claims were submitted to Medicare and Missouri Medicaid.

Plagued by multiple lawsuits over the years, Senior Care Group Inc. sought protection from creditors in the Middle District of Florida Tampa Division along with six affiliates including SCG Gracewood LLC, SCG Baywood LLC, Key West Health & Rehabilitation Center LLC and The Bridges Nursing and Rehabilitation LLC. Chairman David R. Vaughan signed the petition, which disclosed up to $10 million in assets and liabilities.

After two medical malpractice suits, an employee disability discrimination complaint and a breach of contract claim, Avalon Care Center-Chowchilla LLC sought protection from up to $10 million in liabilities in the Eastern District of California. Signed by CFO Anne Stuart, the pleading listed up to $500,000 in assets.

Avalon Care Center – Chandler LLC seeks protection from up to $10 million in liabilities in the District of Utah. Signed by CFO Anne Stuart, the pleading disclosed a mere $50,000 in assets. The debtor is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a chain that includes Avalon Health Care, Inc., which was sued by Helen Schirmer whose federal complaint alleges medical malpractice and personal injury as cause of action.

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