National: America wakes up to find its Judicial branch consumed by organized crime

A typical civil court procedure: "You are free to leave this court once you give us all your money in the form of unnecessary & unwanted legal fees, that I, as judge, will ensure you are charged. You WILL pay these legal fees.". A typical civil court procedure: "You are free to leave this court once you give us all your money in the form of unnecessary & unwanted legal fees, that I, as judge, will ensure you are charged. You WILL pay these legal fees.".
At AAAPG, we recently found the informative website and their excellent series of articles covering all types of judicial and legal abuses, primarily in Pennsylvania.  But clearly PACourtWatch joins us in our belief that these judicial and legal excesses and abuse of power is occurring rampantly, in all 50 states.
In order to spread the word, and make the American public aware of the great danger our democracy is in, due to the corruption of the judiciary, we are publishing excerpts from a Sept 25, 2015 article entitled “America wakes up to find its Judicial branch consumed by organized crime.
We urge everyone to read and download the complete PDF of this article, and pass it among your friends.

The U.S. has an epidemic of corruption, which has led to economic decline, and social unrest. For all appearances, it is emanating from the Judicial Branch, the part of the government that is expected to have the most integrity. It is no longer just conjecture- as citizen complaints of racketeering and misconduct by members of the Judiciary are rampant across social media. Even Yale University Law School published a study stating judicial corruption is a major U.S. problem.

This sham of a court system has been in operation for many decades, however people were in the dark, suffering alone. As tens of thousands of complaints began to appear on the internet, there was a form of relief to see that it was not their imagination and that something indeed was really wrong. However, the most frustrating part of the situation is that those that are guilty of abusing their power, are in control of addressing these complaints. This includes many of the legislators that could force changes in the law, who are also from the same farm team of lawyers as the Judiciary.

The Department of Justice stated, for example, that the court system was focused on revenue production rather than justice, in their investigation of the courts in Ferguson, Missouri. As they begin to investigate other states, such as the task force initiated in Connecticut, resulting from complaints of family court abuse, this will no doubt add to evidence of a nationwide problem.

Pennsylvania is the best example to illustrate this. In the last few years, it has had two Supreme Court Justices removed, two trial judges arrested after seven years of abusing thousands of children, and dozens of other trial court and magistrate judges fired. During this time, it was former Chief Justice Ron Castille that was responsible for ignoring hundreds of citizen complaints, until the FBI intervened. The state Judicial Conduct Board, is populated by these same judges and lawyers. They stood by- and still stand by, as these things continue to happen. Now the Pennsylvania Attorney General is being targeted by this crime syndicate, supported by their associates in the legislature, because she publicly spoke out on CNN in a national interview and exposed them.


As what some refer to as the black-robed mafia, they have ties to businesses such as private prisons and the collateral food services, inmate email companies, etc- and orchestrate incarcerations for trivial offenses and conspire with prosecutors. As covered in the nationally debuted documentary DivorceCorp, they turned the family court system into a $50 billion dollar a year industry nationwide, which has its own cottage industries of guardian ad litems, counselors and mediators, run through the law firms that judges previously worked for or owned. They incite custody battles to extort money from parents to see their children, often forcing their homes into foreclosure to be sold as revenue for county courts. The counterpart associates in the state legislature, have obstructed all attempts to move these issues into the Department of Human Services.

How It Began

The overtaking of the system by organized crime appears to have started in the late 1960’s. They unionized through the American Bar Association, forming local branches in every state and county. Their usual influence through intimidation quickly spread and the manipulation of the system went unchallenged from within, as they proceeded to render powerless, every single statute which provided safeguards for the civil rights of the public. This was done by redesigning the procedural court “rules,” into nothing more than a “Catch 22”- so litigants cannot access the actual substantive law.

Access to appeals or jury trials were blocked by simply substitution of the word “shall” with the word “may” in every court rule, giving judges unbridled discretion. This allows them to make arbitrary decisions with no basis in the law- to rig the outcome of every case. Put that together with the Judicial Branch policies of self-policing, absolute judicial immunity, and unregulated, hourly attorney fees -and you have the perfect crime syndicate. Organizations called “legal communications services” started appearing, to provide money laundering between judges and lawyers.

Absurdly, at the same time they claim that monetary campaign contributions do not interfere with their “independence,” and that “judicial immunity” which has empirically been proven to be a farce, is crucial to maintain integrity of the justice system. When you place these ideologies side-by-side, it is easy to see it is a complete scam.


Capitalism Does Not Mix With Justice

The evidence is clear – the existence of a justice system based on profit has destroyed the integrity of the U.S. government. Without a legal system, a country doesn’t have anything, just as without independent media you cannot have a free society. Those two crucial elements are missing in America at this time in history. Only by the efforts of private citizens to put the former back into condition, is there hope that both will be restored to bring back order to America. The checks and balances between the three branches of government needs to be restored.

The Judicial Branch cannot police itself. Lawyers cannot serve in the Legislature – which needs to review every rule that was made when there were bar members mutilating them. The local county bar associations must be demolished- they serve no purpose other than for devising conspiracies and collusion. The Constitutions need to be restored to pre-1966 status.. Now that there is social media, and a more informed public – it would be very difficult for this to ever happen again. These acts were seditious and treasonous, by what is in effect, organized crime. Next time you see a judge, think of the photo above – this is really what a large amount of them really they are. It is up to the citizens to take action, or it will remain this way for future generations.Download PDF