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Las Vegas Guardianship judge recuses herself

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – The judge who was assigned to take over guardianship cases from an embattled hearing master has recused herself from two controversial cases, leaving families with more questions than answers.

Both cases have been the subject of Contact 13 investigations and both involve private guardian April Parks, who is currently under police investigation. Phyllis Moscowitze Crowe lost most of her money and nearly her home while Parks was in control. Elizabeth Indig did lose her house after Parks had failed to pay HOA bills and let it slip into foreclosure.

Judge Cynthia Dianne Steel was presiding over both cases as the families sought restitution. But the judge abruptly backed off, saying she has personal knowledge of the facts in dispute.

The court said Steel’s recusal is to ensure the integrity and fairness of the process and to avoid conflicts of interest.

This comes in the midst of a massive overhaul of Clark County’s guardianship system, which Contact 13 has exposed as rife with abuse and corruption.