How you can help us help you

We receive daily requests from victims and families from around the country for assistance with a wide variety of issues dealing with their guardianship experiences.

In order to serve as many as possible we ask that you provide us with the tools to be of maximum assistance.

First, fully complete a subscription to our newsletter — including responding to the confirmation email that arrives in your inbox — at so that we can better communicate with you.

Second, register your guardianship case in our database at so we have the data and information on your case.

Third, complete our court insider listing at

Please like our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter @HelpAAAPG

And consider volunteering some time to assist us — we are always looking for volunteers to help where their skills would be best utilized. Just send an email with your pertinent skills and interests to [email protected]

While there is no initial charge for assistance at this time, a donation to AAAPG is a great way to show your support of our efforts is much appreciated. You can donate at

Then, after doing at least the first, second & third steps listed above, please call us at 855 913 5337 x101 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you