How one Ward is now free after 4 years and 2 million dollars squandered

Doug Franks said he would never give up trying to free his beloved mother from a horrific guardianship that isolated and impoverished her. Doug was true to his word and with AAAPG at and on his side, he tirelessly traveled from Atlanta to Tallahassee to testify at countless hearings and sessions of the FLorida Legislature. He had to fight off multiple ruthless lawyers, trustees, guardians, stubborn judges, dishonest caregivers and mercenary banks, but in November Doug beat them all and got his mother back. Doug dedicated all his efforts and resources, day and night, 24-7 to freeing his beloved mother. He was featured in our documentary “Broken”

He was featured  on Atlanta’s WSBTV recently at

Congratulations to Doug and his Mom Ernestine. Most of her money is gone though, never to be returned. The years of forced isolation from her sons can never be erased. The pain that Doug experienced for all those years cannot be undone. But this case is a tiny ray of hope in the struggle to expose and abolish abusive guardianship in our Country.