Hospice and APS

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Guardianship and hospice– feeding off each other

As the guardianship industry continues to expand and affect more and more seniors and families throughout the country, an increasing number of family members have been writing in to identify some little-known aspects of this process that make it so incredibly profitable and easy for the court insiders to pull off.

As long suspected, the extremely lucrative hospice business which has proliferated across the country in the last 25 years plays an important role in not only enriching the predators by virtue of enhanced payment for hospice services but also as a convenient mechanism for guardians to move their unfortunate wards from location to location keeping their families guessing as to where their love ones might possibly be. Furthermore when the estates have been drained and there is little or no money left to steal, hospice is a convenient mechanism by which to terminate the ward since its stated goal is to ease its patients into death with the use of powerful medications.

Here is an excerpt from a (paraphrased) report by one of our members who analyzed the relationship between guardians, guardianship, nursing homes and hospice in Orange County Florida.

…I’ve noticed a great number of one particular Guardian’s (RF) wards are placed at Palm Gardens or ManorCare, which would mean the nursing home staff is involved in drugging vulnerable elderly patients.

First, Medicare sends out a notice to alert caregivers/or professional guardians that a medication that has been prescribed to the ward that may (and almost always does) cause life-threatening side effects in the elderly especially.

Second, wthin days the ward suddenly develops stroke like brain symptoms, and is rushed to the emergency room.

Third, a petition for a DNR is filed with the court by the guardian whose incredible psychic powers tell them that the ward is going to die soon. This is done often without consultation with the wards family members and comes as a complete surprise to them after or even if they are notified of the death of their loved one.

The ward soon dies and is cremated.

The wards that bounce back at the hospital when the poisonous drugging is stopped are then “qualified” for hospice care. The wards are given a medication by the name of “Seroquel” shortly before their hospice evaluations, which again turns them into zombies very quickly, but this time they are not hospitalized but rather treated as near death cases. The process can be repeated as many times as the ward survives the poisoning.

And, I believe Vitas is located next door to One Senior Place or in the same building. All the pieces are slowly falling into place……….


So, in the lifespan of a ward there comes a fork in the road. When the Guardian decides that extending the life of a ward is no longer a priority, the Guardian has a couple of options. First, by the administration of large amounts of of incredibly powerful atypical antipsychotics in combination with narcotics, sedatives, sleeping pills, antidepressants and other medications that are potentially extremely toxic alone and in combination, the Guardian can quickly arrange for the death of the ward and immediate cremation which erases any evidence of abuse or overmedication forever. The other alternative, especially when there is more money to be extracted from either the assets of the ward or from leveraging Medicare hospice payments, the Guardian can turn to hospice providers who also typically resort to the use of extremely powerful medications, particularly morphine and its derivatives, to extend the mortal existence of a ward albeit in a zombie fight state where death comes slowly by way of dehydration bedsores with sepsis, malnutrition, or starvation. It is of interest to recognize that these types of death usually occurs in the first week of the month since payment from hospice is on a month-to-month basis at the beginning of every month. To maximally profit the ward must be alive at the beginning of the month but not thereafter. Everyone involved in this tragic catastrophe is interested in covering their tracks. This explains why wards in this state or about to enter it are routinely isolated from not only family but from everyone else so that their condition is hidden– a dirty secret that no one can see or reveal.

It also explains why cremation is almost always the ultimate eraser of the sins of guardianship abuse.

These decisions and their progressions and their ultimate dismal outcomes are reflections of how wards who are stripped of their rights can be treated like chattel, worse than animals, an extreme example of despicable ageism.

Yet, our equity court system in the United States not only knowingly allows these egregious disasters to take place on a daily basis, it encourages them by continuing to repeatedly give guardianships to individuals who have proven their disdain for the elderly, their contempt for family members and their single-minded immoral leverage of another human being’s life to line their pockets.

How many more wards must be sacrificed before the powers that be take meaningful action to curb these abuses, remove the financial incentives that attract the predators and indict the worst offenders whether they be judges, lawyers, guardians, doctors, nurses or anyone else?

Adult protective services being used as a guardian’s cudgel

Adult protective services being used as a guardian’s cudgel

From California a victim writes:

“as of 04/12/19 the conservator succeeded in getting an elder abuse restraining order filed against me citing of all things, elder abuse on my part. This was done to ensure further isolation of my mother at an assisted care facility & to prevent me from helping her explore ways of somehow breaking free from a conservatorship she initially opposed.”

Florida victim writes:

“…it was the hospital and hospital’s attorney who activated DCF against me. I did absolutely nothing wrong and I was eventually cleared by the investigation. The allegations were totally false and came out of thin air. It took an enormous amount of energy and time to clear my name which derailed any other efforts to effectively intercede in the guardianship itself”

From a recently completed investigative report from the clerk of a Circuit Court in Florida

“a friend of the ward was his designated healthcare surrogate and held a durable power of attorney for him. Soon after she began to question the need for a guardian to be appointed, she discovered she was under investigation by the Florida Department of children and families Adult Protective Services on suspicion of elder abuse or exploitation. She was later cleared of any wrongdoing by the investigation. This is the second investigation involving (guardian) Rebecca Fierli this office has worked recently where a friend or family member who questioned the need for guardianship found themselves under DCF investigation. In both instances the subjects were cleared in the investigation. In both cases the complaints were submitted anonymously.”

Victims and advocates have long known that the apparatus of justice is often used to exploit and abuse wards and their families. Over the years, court insiders have not been reluctant to falsely accuse anyone who opposes them of the most heinous crimes. It is common for family members who oppose the guardianship to be referred to as elder abusers, evildoers, criminals, thieves and even murderers. Once enunciated before an equity probate judge and absent any opportunity to rebut the charges, these allegations, though false, unsubstantiated and egregious, are the lens through which the court sees a litigant. From that point forward he or she has absolutely no chance of prevailing in any probate litigation. But to emphasize how broken the system is, a guardian need only place a phone call to a colleague in Adult Protective Services who then easily can proceed to do the guardians dirty work for her free. The target of this type of dirty trick has absolutely no chance at anything even resembling justice.

Law enforcement is highly prone to ignoring complaints about abuse by lawyers and guardians and judges, but they are Johnny on the spot to falsely accuse and persecute anyone who stands in the way of guardianships. This is nothing new. It has been going on for decades.

This is just further proof that the guardianship racketeers will go to any lengths to propagate and perpetuate their egregious “industry” no matter what the consequences.

This will not stop until these courtroom criminals are convicted of their crimes.