Guardianship Victims tell their stories – video

These stories were recorded on April 14, 2015 in Orlando, Florida as part of AAAPG’s Guardianship Victims Summit and Town Hall meeting where guardianship victims gathered to recount how different probate courts in different states across America had financially-drained their wards while isolating the elderly from their adult children.

In this clip Kyle MacNeney describes how a probate court judge and attorneys stripped his mother’s once wealthy estate, leaving her to die impoverished, all while she was under court-ordered guardianship.

This is Doug Franks discussing the circumstances that led to his mother Mrs. Ernestine Franks being put under court-ordered guardianship, even though all medical and psychiatric tests showed Mrs. Franks had no mental impairment, was not suffering from any type of dementia, but the Trust officer and the judge decided it would be best to “protect” Mrs. Franks. You can learn more about the Franks’ family guardianship predicament at