Guardianship Totalitarianism—a Model for a Totalitarian State

The most precious thing we possess is freedom. When it is constrained by court or a government, each of us has an obligation to raise our awareness of the forces arising around us and play his or her part in maintaining our American way of life.


Guardianship Totalitarianism—a perfect Model for a Totalitarian State

The installation of a new regime governing the United States of America comes as a moment of exuberance, relief and celebration for many in this nation.  In a massive 180° turnaround from the prior administration, the United States is poised to instantly pivot in a new direction on a number of critical societal issues that are familiar to many Americans, and many that aren’t.

 As the agenda, legislation, politics and implementation of policy materialize, and generate the usual political debates, many Americans would benefit from taking a step back away from the rhetoric to analyze from their own personal perspective and experience how–as clearly expressed by the new regime– the country is poised to change in such dramatic fashion and the impact that change will have on each of us.

We can learn about the progressive agenda being executed by the Biden camp from the worldwide example of the United Nations to which the new regime has great fealty.

In 2015, the United Nations voted to enumerate their 17 overarching goals to be reached by the year 2030 to achieve sustainable development –to save the planet

To address these dire worldwide issues, the UN initiated a plan which demanded the total buy in of every country in the world as the only way they could make such an audacious plan work. Every country whether Absolute or Limited Monarchy, Representative Democracy, Direct democracy, Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Totalitarian or Theocracy would have to be an active participant in the march toward saving our planet and our race from premature annihilation.  No exceptions would be tolerated.

To achieve this unheard of kind of consensus, a roadmap was construed and adopted which could be summarized as follows:

  1. You may not know or be affected by it, but your leaders know there is something fundamentally and intolerably wrong with current reality that threatens some or all of us in some existential way (read climate change, systemic racism, white supremacy, racial inequity, poverty, etc.) and demands our immediate and forceful intervention.
  2. Your leaders have a plan to fix everything but it requires you and your whole society to buy-in
  3. Those opposing the plan need to be educated and/or persuaded about the plan until they accept it
  4. People who resist the persuasion need to be reeducated, even against their will
  5. People who won’t accept the plan –no matter what– need to be sanctioned, punished, reduced or even removed from society (read cancelled).

 What does this have to do with Guardianship abuse?  

As it turns out, probate court guardianship abuse has been a perfect model, learning tool and teachable example of an oppressive totalitarian out-of-control (branch of) government. Adapting the roadmap above to the all-too-familiar realities of abusive probate guardianship makes clear their striking similarity.

For the UN and its proponents to attain power over the entire world, problems needed to be identified or even created, even if they did not apply in every country of the world.  For example, the term “zero world hunger” is a completely impossible goal.  But in order to fight hunger in the world, (which has been present eternally and though a huge problem in Africa , is not nearly as important as obesity in America) the UN officials decided to concoct an impossible goal which could only be contemplated if every person in the world cooperated.  Therefore, the United States of America must buy-in to a plan to execute its designated and specified role in the elimination of world hunger in other parts of the world. In this case it would be the redistribution of wealth and resources to other countries, some of whom might even be our enemies.

In probate where problems are never solved, but rather created for the purpose of enriching court insiders and enshrining their power over anyone who crosses their court’s threshold, the  nearly identical universal guardianship roadmap looks like this:

  1. You may not agree or be aware of it, but there is something fundamentally and intolerably wrong with the current reality of an individual AIP under our jurisdiction that threatens her in some way we feel demands our massive intervention.
  2. Your court insiders have a perfect plan to fix everything, taking away her rights and property, but it requires absolute acquiescence to the court’s dominion.
  3. Those opposing the court’s plan need to be defeated, crushed, sanctioned, sued and abused until they acquiesce to the plan.
  4. Those who will not acquiesce to the plan must suffer the consequences, including but not limited to bankruptcy, public humiliation, endless staged litigation, mental anguish and suffering all against their will and their better interests.
  5. People who resist and will not accept the Court’s plan must be further punished and effectively or actually removed from society.

There may be no other more effective and compelling model that could be used to demonstrate to an uncaring or naive American the stark realities of a transition from a free and unfettered representative democracy to a totalitarian state than the American probate court model.  Furthermore, once that state of totalitarianism is achieved, the American probate court abuse experience highlights how it is nearly impossible to stand up to it.  Once initiated, it is a vertical slope where opposition is not tolerated.

After decades of trying to reform the probate court, all of which have failed, each of us should carefully consider the consequences of what appears to be the beginning of the United States of America’s open political slide into a monolithic, totalitarian construct based on the results of one election, which has placed into power ideologies, organizations and individuals who have made clear their unwavering desire to fundamentally change this country based on their progressive agenda. This despite our history, documents, laws and customs that have fostered freedom and free speech since our inception.

Those of us who have experienced probate abuse need to understand that severe abuses can easily happen on a national scale.  We need to be vigilant and continue to educate everyone around us of the dangers of every totalitarian system ever created in order to preserve our precious rights to free speech and freedom from oppression.

Our inalienable rights granted by God and not the government must not be compromised by any government of the people.

The most precious thing we possess is freedom. When it is constrained by a court or a government, each of us has an obligation to raise our awareness of the forces arising around us and play his or her part in maintaining our American way of life.