Guardianship is People

The 1973 science fiction thriller “Soylent Green” is a cautionary tale about what government can do to its citizens. It’s worth taking a moment to click on the next two links for plot summary and a short clip from the movie starring Charlton Heston.

The novelty of the movie is that the solution to one problem, in this case food scarcity, necessitates the sacrifice of human beings to feed other human beings. This assisted euthanasia benefits a major corporation tremendously at the cost of untold numbers of human lives. As you might expect, it is the older weaker individuals in that futuristic society who are forced to sacrifice themselves and everything they have in the process.

Does this sound familiar?

Our country was founded on principles of fair play, basic human rights, access to justice, trials by our peers in an underlying precept that government should protect all of its citizens as its fundamental reason for being. Somehow, it has all gone wrong.

In the 21st century it is painfully obvious is that government seems to be acting exactly the way the 1973 movie predicts that it would. The problem in today’s real world is not necessarily food scarcity, but rather a perverted justice system in which the elderly are held in contempt as worthless parasites on a system of predatory greed whose only value is the assets of a lifetime they have accumulated. Just like “soylent green is people”, “guardianship is people” too.

As a center for reports on guardianship abuse, we receive so many reports about individual cases throughout country and as we extend our outreach nationally, AAAPG bears daily witness to stories of horrific exploitation and abuse of innocent elders and their families who have been trapped in a voracious, sadistic and unbridled greed driven assault on their assets and their very lives.

To be effective in our stated mission of “educate, advocate, litigate” we have begun the process of reaching out to form a coalition across the United States from Florida to California and all points in between. We are in the process of partnering with other important and well-known organizations, philanthropies, celebrities and of course with victim advocates who know all too well the horrors of predatory probate guardianship. The next year will be a year of dramatic growth for us. We are now actively engaged in Texas and Florida. Very shortly we will be welcoming coalition members from Colorado as well as Washington State and California.

We will be reaching out to all of our members and friends for all the support they can get us. Financial emotional or volunteering time to help shoulder the burdens and challenges that face us. Please try to help when you are called on.
Remember– guardianship is people.

Sam J Sugar MD
May 18, 2015