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From the wife of a Florida Judge whose husband nearly died in an abusive Guardianship

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 We received this by email today:
Dear Dr. Sugar
This article (in the New Yorker by Rachel Aviv) is fantastic.  I hope more magazines, newspapers and media take more of an interest in this horrible problem than they have in the past.  I am so grateful for you and the work you are doing.
I’m delighted to say I got my husband away from his guardian.  He is no longer the “Guardian of the Person” but is still “Guardian of his Finances”,  However, he is no longer spending his money they way he had in the past.  I’m sure (Reporter) Barbara Peters-Smith is responsible for that.  I will never regret spilling my guts to her and the way she managed to get it on the front page of her newspaper, the Sarasota Herald Tribune.  Her subsequent articles about elder abuse have added a lot of fuel to the fire.
With dread, I think of the 2 times I was called and told by his then guardian that my husband was dying in a local hospital.   When he didn’t die, he was sent back to the nursing home he had been forced into that I refer to as MRSA Manor – for good reason.  Every time I saw him he was heavily drugged and was unresponsive and lying in a fetal position covered with bruises, cuts and sores.  This had to stop before it was too late.  This is a man that served our county for 14 years as a county court judge.
Thankfully, the Judge’s  best friend, came down from his home just to see him on many occasions and saw that what I was telling him (about the abuses) was the truth.  He was willing to take the guardianship course and take on the responsibility of saving his life by getting Guardianship of the Person and moving him out of this area.
In the year he has been up there and away from Bradenton, his improvement is remarkable.  He is now healthy, happy and talkative.  He remembers a lot about the abuse he endured and also about his life before his rights were removed.
I thank God every day…..
Name withheld to protect the writer
If this exploitation and abuse can happen to a retired Judge in a courtroom in his own State, what does that say about the level of malfeasance, corruption and criminality in the Probate Court system?

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  1. How do we get this into the light? That is the only way to chip away at this evil. Taking the course hasn’t helped those of us without “connections.”

    • Berna, please join AAAPG for the protest march in Jacksonville on November 16th. We will only prevail by sticking together and continuing to demand necessary changes in judicial accountability. We cannot afford to rest.

  2. james vassallo // October 3, 2017 at 12:15 am //


  3. Yes, it is time for the COURTS to WAKE up and quit being lazy and ABUSING people by STEALING RETIREMENTS of the ELDERLY and THEIR HOMES.
    GO to work like the rest or us. NO attorneys. LAWYERS, learned in the LAW. STOP THE ABUSES.

  4. Another daughter // October 29, 2017 at 3:35 pm //

    I would be with you in Jacksonville have no place to stay . The court sold off the house, the florida condo , everything my parents worked their whole lives to have.
    And we work 7 days a week with never a vacation since my parent has been forced into a nursing home. Terribly injured but such a strong will to live, is still alive! Wish we couid be with you in jacksonville !

  5. I believe probabte court, like CPS family court is a money maker for the states they are in. Its all about the money! God bless you and your now safe husband. God bless the woman wbo posted the article to the paper on the front page. I love happy endings yet I am grieved because there are probably 20+ horrifying endings to every one happy ending.

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