Florida State Guardianship Association gears up against future legislative efforts aimed at regulation

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The June 2012 Florida State Guardianship Association’s (FSGA) official monthly newsletter, The Bulletin, published their President’s Message which contained some surprising statements.  Written by FSGA President Jetta Getty, the message extolls the defeat of Florida Sen Nancy Detert’s HB 1228, and publicly thanks the Florida House of Representatives for walking out of the legislative session early, thus spelling defeat for the licensing of professional guardians.

Other shocking statements include:

Senator Detert’s SB1226 died on the floor of the State Senate due to the early adjourning of the State House of Representatives. This bills death couldn’t have been better news for all guardians….

Senator Detert, referred to Professional Guardians as “cockroaches”. While one might presume this reference carries only a derogatory meaning lest we forget “cockroaches” have been around for 40-50 million years, adapting to ever changing circumstances, surviving when other species were destroyed and serving a greater purpose in the chain of life on earth.

You can read Jetta Getty’s entire message here.

You can peruse the complete copy of FSGA’s June 2015 The Bulletin here.