Dr. Sugar’s response to passage of AAAPG Reform Legislation

The unanimous final vote on our signature legislation HB5 is a momentous event for the citizens of Florida who now will be a little bit less vulnerable to the greed driven system called guardianship. Our organization is deeply grateful to our champions in the legislature who fought so hard for us, including Senator Diaz de la Portilla (Miami), Representative Kathleen Passidomo (Naples) and Senator Nancy Detert (Venice) and their staffs.

 Our work will continue as we realize that we must now turn our attention to the judicial system which has allowed abusive guardianship to flourish in Florida. We are hopeful that all stakeholders in the judicial system including The Supreme Court, the bar, law-enforcement, states attorneys and the Attorney General will work with us hand-in-hand to radically decrease the threat of guardianship in the state of Florida.
I’m behalf of everyone in our organization let me say thank you to the legislature for proving that the Florida legislature really does care about its constituents.
Dr. Sam Sugar
Founder, AAAPG