Commentary: Now that SB5 awaits Gov Rick Scott’s signature

The success of AAAPG in the Florida legislature’s passing of SB5 is that not only that new laws have been passed, but that this heretofore veiled Guardianship industry that affects thousands and thousands of vulnerable individuals and families has been Outed in Florida and is in public discussion. What happens next is anybody’s guess but what we hope is that our efforts and dramatically increased public awareness will induce the stakeholders in this industry  to pay attention to the unanimous wishes of the Florida legislature and its constituents.
But we have already seen the obstacles to implementation of any reform. A perfect example of this is in the Florida Bar’s Probate Rules Committee which has already informed us that the conflict between Probate Rule 5.550 and Florida Statute 765 — which AAAPG brought to their attention in
In 2014 — has not even been addressed in their serpentine hearings and as a result, actions relating to the all important issue of advance directives will not even be addressed until 2017.
That the hearing process failed to address a known conflict between proposed legislation and existing Florida Bar Rules defeats the entire purpose of the legislation and needs to be called to the attention of the lawmakers who worked so hard for passage. These types of actions show the tremendous hubris of the Guardianship & Probate industry subvert and defeat all attempts to reform. We must continue to bring these hidden acts of legislative sabotage into full view of the public, who are repeatedly and egregiously harmed by this illegitimate system of assets seizure and denial of civil rights.