Bizarre Judge in Florida Resigns

Judge Linda Schoonover displays overt signs of severe mental illness, she doesn’t do her job, she doesn’t show up to work, she abuses litigants, uses social media as a weapon and in general has a demeanor which is unquestionably inappropriate for any public official but in particular for a judge. And how was she forced out of office? self resignation!!!

How is it possible that this type of behavior could be tolerated for months by the Florida State Supreme Court, by the Judicial Qualifications Committee or the the Florida Bar Association?

Is it not their job to supervise judges and protect the public from them when they fall off the tracks? Or is it their job to protect and insulate the lawyers and judges in Florida from any criticism however valid, however urgent, however needed?

There is such a distinction between the rights and due process that is afforded to judges and lawyers vs. the legal abuse perpetrated by those lawyers and judges in probate courts around the state.

It seems like judges and lawyers are heavily protected species, while guardianship victims and their families are an endangered species.
Just doesn’t seem right does it?