Nevada: Attorney indicted on theft and exploitation of the elderly charges

Nevada attorney Robert Graham indicted on theft and exploitation charges Nevada attorney Robert Graham indicted on theft and exploitation charges


A Grand Jury secured an indictment against attorney Robert Graham on Tuesday. He faces three counts of theft and three counts of exploitation of an older/vulnerable person. Two counts of destroying evidence were also included in the indictment.
Graham faces 1-10 years for each theft charge, 2-20 years for each exploitation charge, and up to 364 days in jail for destroying evidence.
The District Attorney’s office anticipates filing additional charges, as an ongoing investigation suggests that there may be more victims. Thus far, Graham’s victims face an estimated loss of $2.1 million, though the Nevada State Bar says that number could be as high as $13 million.
“Attorneys are held to a high ethical standard, which evokes a certain level of trust from their clients, and the violation of that trust is unacceptable,” said Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson. He felt it was necessary to quickly seek an indictment to preserve the evidence of the case and to prevent Graham from causing any further financial damage.
The court set bail for Graham at $5 million.
Contact 13 talked to one of those families affected by the case.
“We’re glad that he is being prosecuted so the investigation and the jail time will continue,” says Bill Lee. “But it doesn’t honestly do much for the emotional and financial harm that he has caused not only our family but the others with whom he was their lawyer.”
The district attorney says it was important to act fast in this case to make sure Graham couldn’t cause more financial damage and to preserve evidence.
Contact 13 wanted to talk to Graham, but a Las Vegas police spokesperson said he’s not available for jailhouse interviews.