America’s Decline and the American Judiciary

As I watch the world around me these days, I get a gnawing feeling of apprehension, sadness and disappointment that is palpable. Whatever we believed about America, whatever we were taught– as citizens of what was the greatest country on Earth in history–we must now face some hard truths.

America is in rapid decline primarily because it is owned and run by predators and it remains “great” only for the biggest richest criminals (read income disparity) who are above the law and have made our country and its laws into their private cash cow. We can no longer rely on our politicians, officials or courts to protect us. They are our biggest oppressors.

Perhaps this was always so and I and so many others have been too blind to see the corruption and criminality in front of our faces. Maybe. Or…

Perhaps in prior generations it would have been rational to hold the belief that our leaders and standard bearers were moral and just and served for the greater good rather than just their own self interests.

But today, only a fool would fail to see how utterly debased our society has become.

Politicians not only lie but they actually expect that we will all be stupid enough (as many of us are) to believe their blatant lies and vote for them so they can continue to rape America with impunity. They must actually think their criminality is invisible. Their imperious attitude and legal invincibility (till now) tends to create ever more brazen and egregious behavior. Imagine, the individual who has provoked more criminal investigations than any official in U.S. history wants to become our president! Her opponent is an utter political novice whose only expertise is amassing huge personal wealth! The execrable choice facing Americans this November is a grave warning of how far our country has fallen.

The values and mores that have been the foundation of America have been corroded by power and greed to the point where they are unrecognizable. Political correctness has trumped common sense and the law is a flavor of the month, depending on what lawyer wants to selectively ignore or enforce it.

Sadly, our laws are not worth the paper they were written on because of a corrupt judiciary.

Judges, the imputed impartial arbiters of justice, even including the Supremes, have devolved into unabashed political hacks and outright racketeers whose motivations are anything but the embodiment of purity and sanctity of the law. Judge’s cronies-their fellow lawyers and accomplices like Guardians and Conservators—swim in the shark infested waters of criminality believing the big sharks will not attack them. But a shark is interested only in his own well being and will even eat other sharks if need be. Those of us who have been victimized by these predators can only hope there will come a time when the racketeering predators will be thrown into the water so the big sharks in the black robes prey on them and never have to pay for their own filthy work.

Nowhere is this national debauchery more evident than in so called equity courts—probate, divorce, family and bankruptcy—that function as slaughterhouses murdering entire families daily.  As we have demonstrated time and again on these pages, the Judicial system is out of control and has become the biggest threat to freedom in this country.

Alan Dershowitz has said “Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected.

They function with almost perfect impunity. In equity courts there are no juries to keep them honest, no press to report on their misdeeds and no voice for those abused in their courts.Any lawyer with the temerity to stand up to these judges is quickly dispatched or disbarred and their clients left abused and abandoned.

Anyone who studies equity courts for a few minutes will quickly conclude they are intrinsically corrupt and illegitimate and highly prone to massive corruption and huge conflicts of interest. The consequences for all these judicial misdeeds? None.

Effecting meaningful reform in such a system is nearly impossible. History shows that opposition and outrage against the racket arises every few years. A leader or leaders emerge and gathers small bands of aggrieved individuals band together in an organization. They go to their elected officials, they go to Washington DC, to the papers,to the media,  to blogs and anywhere else they believe they can advance an agenda for reform. Some folks like the late Latifa Ring, like Marcia Southwick, like Janet Phelan, Kerri Kasem, Elaine Renoire, Catherine Falk, Ken Ditkowsky, Robert Sarhan, Barbara Stone and so many others have been at it for years. But the outcome is always the same. Time is on the side of the predators. They do not have to  take any action, spend any money, expend any resources or even care about reform legislation that should put them in prison. They are secure and protected under the black robes of their friends in the Judiciary to rape and pillage at will. Their network of well paid spotters eagerly funnels new business their way; their bribes to APS agents turn them into willing criminals. They know that advocates will eventually run out of money, energy and time. As long as the fix is in with lazy corrupt judges, State’s Attorneys who refuse to prosecute their legal brethren and even with the mainstream media who are scared off reporting the abuse for fear or being sued, the predators just roll along with total impunity. As Jetta Getty, a Master Guardian in Florida has written, these cockroaches have been around forever and there is every likelihood they will not disappear any time soon. As long as Judges cannot be depended upon to render just decisions, as long as they shut their eyes to the corruption they spawn. as long as they fail to act as impartial arbiters of the law, this racket will continue to grow and the legitimacy of the Judicial system will further decline.

Every single abusive guardianship is the fault of a Judge not doing his job. Every Judge who fails to do his job is the responsibility of the Bar and its boss—The Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court. That is where the buck stops. Chief Justice is a highly political position and an enormously powerful one, but only one Chief Justice in this Country-James Hardesty in Nevada-has had the courage to recognize the stench coming from his state probate courts and do something about it.

In Florida, where is our second term Chief Justice, Jorge La Barga? He is fully aware of the cesspool in his courts but has not even publicly commented on it despite having full and complete familiarity with the racket and the predators in it. And yet, not a word from La Barga or the Bar he controls. He is the one man who could effect real change immediately with one stroke of his pen.

Instead, from his Ivory Tower in Tallahassee, he sits and watches while families burn and lawyers and the predator guardians they protect fan the flames in his courts across the State.

Until the Chief Justice acts decisively to protect the honor and legitimacy of his courts and defend the people of Florida from probate predation, he is a failure and one more reason for the decline of our State and country. If he will not protect us, then he should resign in shame. Or he can wait for the inevitable Federal intervention that will torch the straw houses of justice over which he reigns.