AAAPG developments


In recent days there have been developments that our followers should know about.

One of the most important functions of our organization is to connect victims in similar geographic areas. Our membership roster has allowed us to do this. We have been successful in bringing groups of victims together in a number of states, particularly Florida, New Mexico, Michigan and several others.

In Florida’s Collier County there has been significant activity with regard to one of the most egregious court systems that we have yet found. The recent arrest of a major senior Collier County judge on unrelated soliciting for prostitution charges will shed light on the fact that this judge sat on Probate and other cases that were litigated by his attorney wife. The fact that they used separate names was a fact hidden from victims and litigators in numerous cases. Our brave members in Collier County have taken their cases to the appropriate authorities and feel that important progress is being made in bringing justice and redress to their cases. AAAPG has also endeavored to enlist the aid of local media which is proceeding to gather extensive testimony and material for presentation on local news channels.

In Palm Beach County Florida a select AAAPG task force is collecting years worth of information and data to construct a complete picture of the guardianship “industry” in that county for the last five decades. When completed this project will connect all of the major players who have been involved in massive guardianship abuse, their backgrounds, their connections, their family ties and how a small group of very influential individuals in that county have extracted hundreds of millions of dollars from innocent families and turned them into victims of rapacious greed and abuse of authority. we are looking to expand the scope of this task force and would welcome volunteers from the Palm Beach County Florida area to join in this effort which we hope will result in a massive exposé and tell-all book.

In New Mexico AAAPG members have gathered together to have extensive discussions with top levels of the Mexico’s legislature as that state reels from multiple disastrous failures of its guardianship system and attempts to replace existing laws with new ones. While the political machinations in New Mexico continue to exert extreme influence on derailing the possibility of revising the guardianship laws in that state in favor of more transparency and fairness and justice, our members continue to exert maximum pressure on lawmakers who appear hell-bent to keep the system going exactly as it was before by just scrambling the words of the prior statutes to make it look as though progress is being made. Our advocate’s voices are being heard and change may ultimately come to New Mexico’s guardianship system. But even if the statutes are not changed, the spotlight has been shone on New Mexico’s thoroughly dysfunctional and corrupt system by AAAPG.

In recent weeks the number of calls coming from new cases in Michigan has increased dramatically. Both public and private guardianships appear to have been exploited by the guardianship system in Oakland County Michigan. We are moving to connect the dots and connect victims to become an advocacy group there to expose what appears at first glance to be massive corruption and exploitation of vulnerable citizens of Michigan both rich and poor.

News media stories around the country exposing the exploitation in guardianships systems in state after state have become commonplace. There is reason to believe that the FBI is already involved in investigating specific judicial circuits in a number of states. The Department of Justice Elder Justice Task Force is in formation as a result of recent federal legislation.  Multiple states including Texas, Nevada, Florida and others have initiated Supreme Court directed reviews of their guardianship system’s.WINGS groups have popped up around the country who are at least discussing the issue.

I am also happy to announce that my upcoming book “Elder Guardianship-The Perfect Crime” published by Square One publishing of New York, will be released very soon. This book  is written for the layman in easy-to-understand terms and explains the massive multibillion-dollar guardianship “industry” and how it functions to allow widespread exploitation of victims throughout the country. It is a must-read for any family with assets and especially those with older family members who are the most vulnerable of all of us and will be widely available on Amazon and other sources. Stay tuned.

It has never been more important for everyone who reads this to understand that only with numbers can we make a difference. If you or someone you know who might be interested in the topic of abusive guardianship has not yet signed up on our website to subscribe to this newsletter please do so now.

Change is starting to happen and momentum will be on our side.