A Very Troublesome Trend

As AAAPG membership continues to increase, we hear some very disturbing individual stories of abuse and exploitation via the probate guardianship machine. Although APS, financial institutions, and predatory insiders can sometimes begin proceedings on their own, these cases are usually begun by family members. Usually.

A very troubling trend has emerged uncovered by our research and recent new members.

What is it? Charitable institutions initiating and or greatly profiting from the spoils of guardianships.

In Florida we have compelling evidence of at least two very large, very well known religion based “charities” that have profited untold millions of dollars over the years by acquiring “donations” of hundreds of wards’ homes that were sold at deep discounts to court insiders and then resold for huge profits by the charities. Several of our members have been thus victimized.

In Tennessee, we have researched a specific Judge who has apparently conspired with a major independent non profit medical center to institute unnoticed (denial of due process) fraudulent guardianship proceedings for patients with no evidence of incapacity who have received large settlements from prior lawsuits or injuries. These guardianships occur within one or two days with not so much as a noticed hearing and come as a complete shock to the victims and their families who were available to care for their loved one but never given the chance. A member has recounted how this scheme cost her nearly half of her million dollar accident settlement in just a few months this last year.

If you know of a similar racket in your area, please tell us about it so the breadth and scope of this latest revelation can be researched.

send an email with that information to [email protected]

Stay tuned for more.