A message from Doctor Sam Sugar

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The future of our group

Earlier this year I announced that I would be retiring from my work as an advocate for victims of abusive guardianship.  Since that time, I have been approached by dozens of individuals and group members who have convinced me that my plans would disenfranchise large numbers of victims and their families who depend on AAAPG, it’s advocacy, website and perspective on guardianship abuse in the United States of America.

So, in an honest effort to accommodate both my need to reduce my personal time and involvement as well as the obvious need to continue the fight against the abuses we’ve all grown to be so familiar and uncomfortable with, AAAPG has successfully recruited a national group of committed activists who between them will take on various aspects of the organization as it is reorganized into more of a distributed authority model with specific delineation of roles that will make each aspect of that distribution more manageable and effective.

In what we are calling AAAPG V2.0, I will remain available as founder and Senior advisor and retain responsibility for maintaining our mailing and membership lists and the website.  For the foreseeable future, AAAPG’s Facebook page will remain active although Facebook PG warriors will be discontinued.

The roster of dedicated advocates and their responsibilities can be found at the following link:


That page will be updated with new phone extensions to allow direct contact with volunteers for intake and outreach.

The entire archive of the website has been untouched and is available for research.

The newsletter will continue to be sent on a regular basis as needed to continue the work of the organization and it is hoped that we will continue to draw new members and gain strength from them.

Although none are currently in the works, it is hoped that we will continue to sponsor at least one or two large events per year focusing on abuses in guardianship.

I anticipate that there will be more need for fundraising to carry on the work of the organization and I hope that each one of you reading this letter will respond positively to fundraising requests in the future.

I thank you for your continued patience and support during this confusing time and look forward to the day when because of our combined efforts abusive guardianship will be just a sad footnote in history.