Guardianship News:

Welcome Rick Black

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Since its founding four years ago our organization is been committed to the principles of educate, advocate and legislate with the end goal of reforming or eliminating abusive guardianships throughout the United States.

We have grown to a membership approaching 500 families. We have been quoted in major media repeatedly over the last several years. Our cause is no longer a secret and we have advocates around the country.

To take the next step in our evolution, I am thrilled to introduce everyone to Richard Black. He and his wife Terri are victims of the Nevada probate guardianship racket even though they live in North Carolina. Rick has been a keen student of this crisis. He has an analytical mind and is an excellent communicator.

Rick has accepted the position of intake coordinator for our group and will be intimately involved in all of our operations and programs.

We welcome Rick and Terri and thank them for their hard work and commitment.

Rick can be reached at 855 913 5337 x104