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The Baker Act

With regard to the recent tragic school shooting in Parkland Florida, there has been a lot of talk about why the shooter was not taken off the streets sooner using existing law in Florida called the Baker Act.

Like so many other issues in the world of mental health, The Baker Act is poorly understood, but it is very powerful and has had a large role to play in numerous unwanted, involuntary, exploitative and abusive plenary guardianships.

For a better understanding of the Baker act process and how it relates to guardianship please click on the link below.!AkhleSCTwahdpBvuC8U8SorJz02E


4 Comments on The Baker Act

  1. Glad you included this on the website. It would be interesting for someone to crunch the numbers and see if there’s a correlation between the subject’s assets and use of the Baker Act. I wonder if someone with mental health issues but no assets stays on the street.

  2. A trustee who is is abusive and threatens beneficiaries with harm when caught embezzling trust assets should be evaluated under the Baker act. A trustee was sued by the grantor. The trusteee made false allegations of incapacity and threw a decisive grantor into an unnecessary probate guardianship to obstruct Justice. This trustee continues to destroy any one who questions his actions because he controls the assets. Legal counsel and the court is complicit in assisting the trustee in the pilfering of the estate…and destruction of multiple lives. Not one Judge in Collier county has attempted to protect the ward , his assets , his life of sacrifice or the family from a vicious predator trustee…. There is no justice in Florida.

  3. Eleanor C. McLaughlin // February 27, 2018 at 3:41 pm //

    I VOLUNTARILY obtained a guardian after the death of my father and subsequent scamming. He lied to me from the very beginning by telling me how easy it was to dismiss a voluntary guardian. I only hired him to keep the family of scammers away from me. After four months, I did as I was told to release him from my “service” Four and a half years, three lawyers, a lot of money, my sudden move that the guardian didn’t know about and his retirement made him give in. My new lawyer was from Melbourne, Florida and was not a member of the Volusia County “good ole boys” club. My new lawyer played my guardian’s game as if he was a chess master. I am free at last!!! My advice, get help from outside the county that the court order originated in and please…do your research in your State Statutes!!!

  4. MIchael Levine // March 4, 2018 at 12:55 am //

    My attorney from Seattle misled me by saying a guardian would be helpful. Due to guardian’s control, my mother has been isolated from friends and family for over a year. She is has been drugged and held against her will. The same attorney got a trustee appointed with whom he has a pre-existing non-disclosed relationship to take all assets of mother.

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