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State of the Guardianship Union message

Gavel and Cash Gavel and Cash

My fellow Americans

My message to you today is that the state of the guardianship union and industry in these United States of America is strong. Very strong.

In spite of endless complaints from victims, countless well-publicized media reports of exploitation and corruption, incessant reports of court-based abuses in nearly every state and hapless legislative attempts to rein in the power of guardianship courts in America, the industry remains unassailable and in absolute control of millions of lives worth many billions of dollars with more guardianships being created everyday.

When we work together there is nothing we cannot do.

The guardianship industry has maintained its absolute control over the lives of unsuspecting senior citizens and their families by cunningly sidestepping annoying statutes and rules which on their surface would restrict the court’s ability to invalidate well-established advance directives, change wills, invade trusts, isolate families from their loved ones  and redistribute massive amounts of money into the pockets of industry insiders. Because of our proactive approach to conscripting ever more members of dysfunctional families into plenary guardianships our economic program of re-appropriating private accounts funds and estates into our own wealth extraction program, hundreds of billions of dollars per year continue to flow through the courts and into the hands of our industry insiders. We continue to develop new and innovative ways to disguise and hide those profits from taxation. By our ceaseless efforts of sequestration we continue to hold fast to our goal of never allowing meaningful oversight of our actions as well as to continue our steadfast position of never allowing the creation of  or any access to meaningful statistics on guardianship.

Our program for the guaranteed reelection and retention of our guardianship judges in each state has grown stronger every year by the increasingly generous contributions from guardians and lawyers to the reelection campaigns of our esteemed cohort’s in the judiciary. The unflinching support of every state Bar in the country as well as their incredibly helpful work in making sure that any proposed legislation that would rein in our absolute control over our domain is cunningly but forcefully written in our favor and can never make any meaningful impact on our operations is deeply appreciated and of course supported by the generous contributions of all our attorneys to the Bar. All of us continue to appreciate the support of our colleagues in law enforcement who steadfastly refuse to even take reports of any notion of wrongdoing in our courts, refuse to make police reports and create more business for our attorneys by referring every complainant to”go find a lawyer” to deal with what others have foolishly referred to as corruption and the commission of felonies in our courts. Though there have been outlier cases where some of our members have become sloppy and greedy and been caught stealing millions and millions of dollars, the vast majority of our industry insiders continue to enjoy the protection of the courts secure in the knowledge that our system will continue to suppress and defeat anyone foolish enough to challenge it.

Guardianship creation is at an all-time high and growing even still. The number of new guardians being trained throughout the country is rising dramatically. Thankfully our long time compliant guardianship court judges who have served us so well for so many decades and are now retiring are being replaced by reliable substitutes who will continue our decades long tradition of serving our self interests at the expense of anyone who gets in the way. Two thirds of all the lawyers in the world now work in the United States and are a formidable reservoir of attorneys who can keep our industry fully stocked for many years to come. Our strong connections to law schools that produce our most effective industry insiders continue to bear fruit. In short our pipeline is stacked.

Yet we do face challenges. Attempts by whiny, pathetic losers who do not understand our ultimate power and ability to resist any meaningful actions against us continue to annoy us, but we stand strong and unified against their de minimus resources, and any weak, pointless legal attempts at intervention. We retain the ability  to destroy the career of any attorney who has the audacity to attempt to litigate against us. As always we will refine our skills and techniques especially when it comes to our professionally articulate means of character assassination of those who would oppose us. We will continue to maintain absolute control over court records and never allow them to work against us. We will continue to carefully monitor court reporters work and carefully remove or edit any entries that would possibly be seen in a negative light against us.


We continue to support programs that allow us to exercise even more control over the lives of innocent individuals including our emerging program for sterilization of the incapacitated during their childbearing years. We plan to continue to expand the number of participants in our industry to include social workers in newer court based mediation programs, more court observers who can generate fees, and more integration with services like home health care, nursing homes, clinics, mental health centers, pharmaceutical company trials, to be able to profit even more from every possible source of revenue private or public–Tax free!

The future is bright for the guardianship industry especially with the demographics of the American citizenry indicating that huge numbers of baby boomers will find their way into guardianship proceedings over the next 10 years. We must be prepared for this unprecedented opportunity to fully employ our members in this  immensely profitable once in 100 lifetimes bonanza of low hanging fruit and easy money. While we do not wish to overwork our insiders, we support anything that makes them money without work,  the construction (preferably with federal funds) of more senior warehouses, higher Medicare and Medicaid benefit levels we can divert, more appropriations for adult protective services-our wonderful allies, more FINRA rules that allow financial institutions to report elderly people and refer them for guardianship if they appear the slightest bit confused and any other programs we see fit as long as they increase the availability of our raw material– senior citizens with assets.

We are strong. We will remain strong. We will fight to the last drop of blood to maintain our stranglehold on innocent Americans. We will ignore, resist, and repel any and all attempts to challenge our authority and power. We are your United States guardianship industry.

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  1. WOW! This is a powerful letter – I’m going to send it to media members and lawmakers in WA State. Thank you!

  2. Well done! Who wrote this? Bravo.

  3. Thank you AAAPG for your leadership in fighting this! Our stories don’t lie: people’s lives are devastated by the arbitrary decisions of probate courts and the guardianship industry.

  4. Frederick Bailey // February 2, 2018 at 8:03 pm //

    Love this. Spot on.

  5. Kenneth Shields // February 2, 2018 at 8:21 pm //

    this article hits the nail on the head
    the biggest problem is that people don’t care
    until it happens to them and then it’s to late
    keep up the good work AAAGA
    we can’t stop fighting these domestic terorist

  6. Good choice of words to describe the perverted criminal enterprise engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

  7. robert schepperle // February 2, 2018 at 8:50 pm //

    Keep up the great work. It’s not bad enough our appointing Judge has his own wife with Wells Fargo working directly for the guardian handelin all moms investments but now our Guardian is attacking another husband and wife married over 60 year and using the same attorney my wife and I trusted to protect us against this same Gaurdian . They are all in bed together and care only about exploiting from the elderly. The Brevard county sheriff had done nothing and the FBI came to our house and still we have not had any follow-up I can only assume they don’t give a crap about the new law signed by our President on Oct 18,2017 / S-178. Lets drain this Florida Swamp!!!!!

  8. I hope this is not meant to encourage those of us who are still in the fight.

  9. very good, okay to cross post on my blog?

    • As long as you credit Sam & AAAPG I’m sure it will be fine to cross-post Joanne.

      • I have to get his permission. He owns the copyright. I do not post unless he emails me with permission or puts it in the article permission to cross post. I have enough problems with the Illinois ARDC and don’t need to add copyright infringement to the list.

  10. IRELA CASTILLO // February 3, 2018 at 10:34 am //

    Wonderful message. Powerfull too. We must continue. Perseverance always wins.

  11. Can you please tell us who wrote this? Please provide the legislation signed by the President on October 18, 2017 referred to above…than you.

  12. Lisa S. Belanger, Esq // February 3, 2018 at 4:40 pm //

    Dr. Sugar:
    In my opinion, YOU are using platitudes to lull the sheep.
    This very letter that I read is like the Jews walking voluntarily into the Nazi ovens ALL OVER AGAIN!! I am one Jew who refuses to do so!

    I am asking for YOUR full disclosure as to exactly your financial gain in this enterprise.

    • Ms Belanger – Dr Sugar’s article is written in total sarcasm. All of us at AAAPG believe the lawyers are the root of the problems represented by guardianship. This article was written sarcastically to point out just how bad and atrocious the problems created by attorneys through guardianship are.

      • I disagree either the bar association or lawyers are the root of the problem. The root of the problem is that gship is not a pro bono task as set by the state legislatures. No one should make any money off a gship. Any services provided to a disabled person should be pro bono or from a not for profit and that includes hospitals, courtroom vendors, etc. Nursing homes should be abolished because they are ghettos and slums for the elderly. Relatives should be forced to care for their elders or they should be fined and imprisoned. This is how other countries handle the problem. If we have child abandonment laws, why not parent/grandparent abandonment laws?

    • Ms. Belanger:
      90% of those of us who have been advocating for seniors and fighting the corruption within the guardianship industry have done so without payment of any kind. My husband and I have been on this crusade for the last 3 years pro-bono and have been the driving force in changing 5 guardianship laws in Nevada so far. We too are Jews “who will not walk” but we run to fight these abusers.

  13. The Volucia County Probate court of the supposedly Honorable Judge Margaret Hudson authorized a coo of people to Kidnap my father from a Fayetteville, NC Hospital where I had my father getting a kidney stone removed. Let me state I had my Father’s DPOA signed by himself in front of a notary and two witnesses.
    He also has his home deeded to I and my wife to stop a step son from NY,NY who is a Gay Opera singer and the head secretary of a NY Law firm from a quick claim deed called a Lady Bird Deed.
    Which is an instrument to steal my Father’s home residence. My Father Ashton Berry Gatlin Sr.
    He is a decorated WW2 and Korean Vietnam Veteran.
    I am his VA Fiduciary but the Judge still let’s Mr Duncan Hartman Operate on his outdated and rejected DPOA from 2011 which was clearly done away with by my father on March 30th 2016 in the Sampson County Court House where he also filed a new will and got it witnessed and notorized. As single man being of sound mind and body.
    A few weeks after his kidnapping his car was sold to pay $4000.00 ambulance ride. And the $7000.00 remaining Ballance was used to pay Mr Hartman’s attys. Fees to gain him control of my father. But we found a non resident person of non blood relation cannot be a guardian in Florida.
    But an elderly woman who has had a 40 hour class would be better than his own Son.
    And Daughter n law in our own home with the 100% assistance of the Fayetteville NC VA Hospital.My father was worth $800.000.00 thousand with a $4500.00 monthly salary!
    Maybe this is there motive.

  14. He subsequently has been drugged up. And in his absence with a court appointed attorney to state he was incompassitated and a Dr. Hired by the court and a nurse and another attending claim that after reading the Debary Manor Health and Hospice Dr.Armallini. who is a ghost. These 3 people never met this Doctor. They just read his diagnosis which has no Xrays or proof to substantiate any of there Phone diagnosis.

  15. My Father is dyeing of a Broken heart his country has failed him. Volucia County Sheriff’s department helped me remove my father from the same facility he is in now

    Im March 16 the 2016 I brought his emaciated 6ft tall 121 lb body to NC after going by his $200.000.00 home to find it rented out. We came to NC the preceedimg story is what the Honorable Judge Margaret Hudson has done to my Family
    My father has 5 Grand children And12 great grandchildren.
    Who love and miss there grandfather.

  16. Volucia County Is A Shameful please
    The Home Of the famous Stetson University

  17. BEWARE – FLORIDA DOES NOT ENFORCE THIS LAW. “But we found a non resident person of non blood relation cannot be a guardian in Florida.”

    2018 SOTU – The law means nothing – the truth means nothing. We are no longer “One Nation Under God”. A Christian/God fearing nation could not abuse and kill to their elder citizens this way!

    Florida law – Statute 744 means NOTHING. I know this first hand. I have many examples of violations of Florida Statute 744.

    In one specific case – Judge Jose R. Rodriguez in Orange County, Florida appointed an non-relative / non-resident as co-guardian. This co-guardian was a “medical professional”. 8-9 months lady the lady was dead. It is my personal belief and the belief of many of her blood relatives, the application of the Florida law was abused/ignored/violated, this lady’s rights were violated in many ways – including denying her the right to go to her own church every Sunday. She had been a member of this church for over 45 years. How sick is that?? The court took away her voting rights for no good reason. These co-guardians denied her the right to go out to dinner with her friends and for a time blocked all communication from her family and friends – how sick is that? Florida Statute 744 pretends to ensure the “ward” is afforded every opportunity to have participate and communicate as much as possible. This is NOT what happens in the real world. The blood relatives and close friends were fighting to overturn what we all believed then and still today; this court and it actions resulted in the premature death of a lady that was not ready to die. It is a very sad day in America when this is the way we treat/abuse/kill our elderly people. It is my strong personal belief that there was money involved and possible criminal acts involved, but no attorneys want to go up against the state to seek the truth. 2018 SOTU – In Florida and America – the law does not matter and the truth does not matter. Money and power is all that matters. Americans must never be fooled into believing our government will protect them. In America – Guardianship is the state/county (aka government)promoting abuse and murder of American seniors – How sick is that? The “Greatest Generation” is being abused and killed by their own country! God will not continue to bless this America!

  18. Election 2018 – Floridians must demand enforcement of the law to protect our seniors and they must demand greater protection for voting rights. If felons can vote, than our seniors should have the right to vote too! In Orange County, Florida, you can be too old to vote! Just ask Judge Jose R. Rodriguez!

    If you care about seniors, the right to live and/or the right to vote, NEVER EVER VOTE FOR JOSE R. RODRIGUEZ – Judge over Probate court and now civil court in Orange County, Florida. He should be forced to resign after what he did to a 101 year old lady in his court.

    In this case, the almost 101 year old woman – with the use of a walker, went into the Orange County Supervisor of Elections office to cast her vote and was told she was “MI” and had been removed from the voters’ registrar. They gave her a provisional ballot and then basically trashed it. Her vote was never counted. Can you believe this is happening in America? Land of the what??? Land of the greedy and powerful who play God! The State of Florida has empowered their judges and their court appointed guardians do ignore the law. In Florida a person can be too old to live – the case of the 101 year old woman proves it!!

  19. In France, one percent (1 %) of the population is under guardianship, while criminality just bearly reaches 1 %, which means that guardianship occupies 50 % of the time of judges, or, said otherwise, 50 % of their salary. I suspect these number are valid for the entire Occident. If guardianship amounts to as much as 50 % of the salary of judges, then of course the guardianship profitable industry is well oiled for judges to make their money. Disastrous. Guardians kill “à petit feu” the people in their guardianship, with the great sufferances of elderly people, so I have learned the hard way with my mother.

  20. Recently filed a legal malpractice compliant related to an underlying guardianship matter as pro se in Central Florida. Consists of fourteen counts including tortious interference, aiding and abetting, conspiracy, fraud and conflicts of interest. Although a basic malpractice claim has a two year statute of limitations, the tort claims have four years and fraud has three.
    Expect the summons to be served by the sheriff’s office in 8 to 10 days. Then I do not know what to expect. Anyone interested in seeing redacted version of complaint? Can anyone offer any input into what to expect next? Please, No discouraging sarcasm. Thank you.

  21. Just read the piece on Abraham Maslow 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review. It made me sick to my stomach.
    To quote Dr. Sugar in the piece posted on another cite, “To be a helpless witness to the slow assisted suicide of a loved one is an indescribable torture and an affront to decency. The looting of an estate is bad enough, but the sadistic, inhumane, illegitimate but court sanctioned psychologic murder of the living breathing person is a crime against humanity.” The indescribable torture was real with memories perpetuating the torment.

  22. I have filed a claim with the Board of Fiduciary, Consumers Affairs inCalifornia because an 92 years old navy commander was imprisioned by a fiduciary unbeknownst to hum. She had oiled her way I when his wife was dyi;g a;d GAO ed total control of his estate worth several millions. A;d then she went to work.
    I have docume;tatting to demonstrate all her slimy doings, draining;g his account.
    My complaint;t with The Voard was a total waste of time. She we;t scot free because s(e hired a slimy lawyer and t(e Board is known for basically doing nothing, just collecting t(sir fat salaries while lawyers and thieves do as they please.
    We need clean, Pro Bono people to provide oversight, not fat paid burocrats that do nothi;g.

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